A US perspective on fund industry trends by NICSA

Distribution seen by the global fund industry trendsetter 

In an environment challenged by disruptive technology and ongoing regulations, the global asset management and fund industries need to build critical trust and enhance customer-centric service models.

  • How can financial institutions retain traditional values around confidence and service, yet embrace technological advancements?
  • What means might bridge the gap between product and investor?
  • Can Fintech provide a more customised client experience?

Very often, the road to continued growth for many industry leaders is a multi-dimensional approach, with business agility and technology adaptation at the heart of their business strategies.

Don’t miss a conversation with Jim Fitzpatrick, President of NICSA, on September 20, at 9:15am.

Jim Fitzpatrick, President, NICSA

“Strong business relationships among global peers and partners are the bedrock of a healthy global distribution ecosystem. I am looking forward to attending the ALFI Global Distribution Conference this fall and sharing  ideas and best practices with our global colleagues.”

NICSA is ALFI’S partner at the Global Distribution Conference in Luxembourg this September, where 50+ speakers, 60+ distributors, and hundreds of senior executives from the international asset management and global fund distribution community will converge to discuss the current distribution landscape and the emergence of new opportunities.