Global 17 – Sneak Peak of the programme

Check out which topics will be discussed at the event

  • State of The union address
  • Distribution around the world
  • The bigger picture from the manufacturer, the seller and the buyer: global private wealth management in transition
  • Digital Disruption in Asset Management – want can we learn from Skype’s approach
  • Fintech for Distribution – exploring a changing landscape for funds and how it impacts today’s distribution model
  • The existential crisis of Distribution – What will be the raison d’être of distributors in the not so distant future?
  • Distribution is not a winner takes it all game – an open debate with the 2 camps of global distribution | The Giants and the Gems
  • The Yin: Prepare for the second age of distribution |
  • The Yang: Innovation in distribution
  • A word from our sister associations in the US ans Hong Kong
  • UCITS making history across the world. An idea whose time has come…?
  • Please show me your “glocal” passport
  • Distribution on fire – The changing face of Global Distribution
  • Distribution Hall of Fame
  • A Fireside chat – Europe 2.0 and the rest of the world