Ravi Beegun , KPMG

Ravi Beegun Ravi Beegun leads the asset management practice in Luxembourg, with a focus on delivering excellence in terms of customer experience and value-added services. He is a qualified chartered accountant in both Luxembourg (IRE) and the UK (ICAEW), and has 24 years’ experience in audit and advisory engagements in the asset management and financial sectors. Ravi follows trends around product innovation, data & analytics and technology with a view to assessing their impact on existing business models.

Holistic View on Risk Management in Luxembourg


Round Table Discussion - Risk Management: a key pillar of the governance model

  • Risk management models
  • Roles & responsibilities of the ManCo Board
  • Relation between Board of Funds and ManCo
  • Roles & responsibilities of the Conducting Officers
  • Local substance requirements
  • Parent Companies/Branches/Subsidiaries
  • Risk Management, compliance & internal Audit


BREAKOUT SESSION 1: Stress testing & VaR model backtesting C.S.I. - Practitioners thoughts


Delegation & Oversight - Current thinking & possible scenarios for UK based Asset Managers

  • Investment Management – role of the investment advisor
  • Central administration (Accounting,TA)
  • Marketing & Distribution
  • Custodian/Depositary
  • ESMA-General principles on supervisory approach to relocations from UK
  • ALFI guidelines:Principles of the oversight of financial