Hakan Lucius, SciencesPo Paris and Welch College of Business

Hakan Lucius Dr. Lucius is Professor of Finance, lecturing at SciencesPo in Paris, Welch College of Business, Luxembourg and the Frankfurt School of Finance, and specializes on sustainability issues.  He received a Ph.D. with distinctions in industrial economics, and an MBA from INSEAD, France.  He was awarded best lecturer, dynamic business management at the Welch MBA in 2014.  With more than twenty years of experience in Finance, Dr. Lucius is Head of Division at the European Investment Bank, the European Union’s bank, where he closed deals exceeding EUR 7bn.  He currently also serves at EIB’s Pension Board, two eligibility committees of Luxflag, and co-chairs an ALFI Fintech WG. He has published articles in multiple languages and is fluent in English, French, German and Turkish.