The latest news from the Asian fund industry

A reality check on today’s Asian fund market by HKIFA

In anticipation to two key panel discussions focusing on the Asian fund industry landscape, from the evolution of the three fund passports to new & emerging Asian markets, get an update on opportunities available in the very promising investment landscape of Hong Kong and Mainland China directly from one of our partners at the Global Distribution Conference, the Hong Kong Investment Funds Association (HKIFA) represented by its CEO, Ms Sally Wong.

Main themes include:

•Regulatory and business trends (products, investor appetite, pricing, marketing)

•Balance between foreign funds and local funds distribution

•Impacts of new technologies on the Asian fund distribution landscape

Don’t miss the conversation with Sally Wong, Chief Executive Officer of HKIFA, on September 20, at 9:15am, interviewed by Marc saluzzi, former ALFI chairman.

 Ms Sally Wong, CEO HKIFA

HKIFA is ALFI’S partner at the Global Distribution Conference in Luxembourg this September, where 50+ speakers, 60+ distributors and hundreds of senior executives from the international asset management and global fund distribution community will converge to discuss the current distribution landscape and the emergence of new opportunities.