2021 Annual package – Terms & Conditions

Kindly refer to the features overview chart of the corresponding event to see what is included in your booked sponsorship option(s). Please contact the events team at events@alfi.lu or phone +352 22302626 if you need any explanations.


A confirmation of receipt of the agreement will be sent to the sender by return e-mail. Individual details and deadlines of each event (e.g. logo check, booth location etc.) will be provided to your contact person(s) nominated in your agreement form, by e-mail or via a link to the event sponsors’ webpage created for each event. General conditions as set out per event apply.


The Sponsorship & Exhibition Annual discount is offered to ALFI members exclusively. In order to benefit from the member rates & discount (if applicable), one of the contact persons on this agreement form has to work directly for the ALFI Member Company or ALFI Member Fund.

If any of your affiliates, sister companies or clients is interested in becoming a member to benefit from the membership rates and discounts, please refer them to ALFI’s website or contact regine.rugani@alfi.lu (cc: info@alfi.lu).

PACKAGE DISCOUNT (offered to ALFI members exclusively)

Discounts are based on the commitment made by 12 February 2021.This date is also the deadline for the PE & RE Conference first round of exhibition space allocation. Only commitments made by this deadline benefit from the discount on top of the usual ALFI member sponsorship advantages! The same % discount will apply to other ALFI events and applicable options that you decide to sponsor later in the year 2021. Individual events and related features and conditions may be subject to change as they come up.


Annual commitments and individual options selected are considered as confirmed once ALFI has acknowledged receipt of your agreement form. Cancellations received in writing before any of the features included have been used, are entitled to a full refund minus a 10% handling fee. Once the above deadline has passed, the full cost as per the corresponding agreement is due.


ALFI reserves the right to amend the dates and conditions for each event, depending on the venue and other logistical factors.


An invoice for your package will be sent in March 2021 to the invoice address indicated in your agreement, which must be paid by the date on the invoice (and prior to the first event committed to).

VAT applies in accordance with European and Luxembourg regulation for exhibition and sponsorship as follows:

Invoice address in Luxembourg or in a country outside the EU: 17% VAT applies

Invoice address in a country within the EU (except Luxembourg): VAT is due under the reverse charge mechanism

Please complete the VAT Number section according to one of the following options:

  • For companies within the EU:
    • For VAT registered companies it is mandatory to provide a VAT number (for reporting purposes) in order to process your agreement. If you do not provide your VAT number or your VAT number is wrong, you will be charged 17% VAT.
    • For companies that are not VAT registered: Please mark ‘N/A’ in the VAT number section. 17% VAT will be charged.
  • For all companies outside the EU, it is not mandatory to provide your VAT number, but please mark ‘Non EU’ in the VAT number section/field. 17% VAT will be charged.


Sponsors’ logos will be published on the event’s webpage (if included in the selected option) on receipt of the duly signed agreement form and under the condition that you have provided your logo in the correct format. ALFI will make every attempt to maximise all sponsors’ visibility in the fairest way but cannot be held responsible for quality, size or similar issues.


ALFI encourages sponsors to prepare their own marketing campaigns to raise their visibility and show their link and support to ALFI and the Luxembourg Fund Industry. ALFI is happy to provide visual elements of the respective events for sharing on social media and other networks. Please contact communications@alfi.lu.



Agreements received by the deadline for the first round of space allocations (see deadlines of corresponding event), will enter on the first priority list for the exhibition space allocation. Agreements received by the deadline for the second round of space allocations, will enter on the 2nd priority list for the exhibition space allocation and the same for the third round. Remaining spaces after the third allocation round, will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Within each allocation round, priority will be given to ALFI members and those also being an annual sponsor. In case of same priority level, the date of receipt of agreement and payment will be taken into consideration.


Registrations are subject to the registration conditions of each event.

Registration procedure for exhibitors and sponsors’ representatives:

Full access tickets included in your package can be booked on the special registration site. The registration link/form will be sent to the exhibitor/sponsor’s main contact person closer to the event.

No names are to be provided for the exhibitor’s booth only ticket**.

For any additional registrations and group discounts, please refer to the normal registration site. Group bookings have to be made through a special registration form provided on the event’s registration webpage.

**The booth only ticket (only available for physical events) is provided to man/animate the exhibition booth throughout the conference and also during the sessions and therefore permits access to the exhibition area only (conference breaks and lunch included). It is transferable so that exhibitors can organise a “rolling system” of their booth staff, but exhibitors have to organise the hand-over of the badge in the registration area (outside the exhibition and conference area) as only one company badge will be provided. The booth only badge will show the exhibitor’s company name and not any persons’ name. Booth staff names are not listed on the delegates list. Badges must be worn throughout the conference.


For Sponsors of the PE&RE  event (see features overview), ALFI is offering a free ticket for one of your junior colleagues. A link will be sent to the sponsor’s main contact person closer to the event. Applications are subject to approval by ALFI.


Exclusive sponsorships are available for one sponsor per event only (e.g. paper badge/WIFI card/Bag/Charging station sponsorship). ALFI will integrate the sponsor’s logo on the item’s layout and send it to the sponsor for final approval. No free pass(es) are included in these options.


If you are interested in this option, please contact events@alfi.lu to discuss the different possibilities.


Add-on/customised sponsorships () are subject to a minimum commitment (min. onsite or package sponsorship option).


The production of the branded cups/mugs/napkins is taken care of and costs are borne by the sponsor. However, the sponsor will provide a design proof of the cup/napkin layout to ALFI for approval before production.


Private lunch sponsors are entitled to 3 reserved tables of 10 persons each, i.e. a maximum of 30 guests (additional guests will be charged). Guests have to be conference attendees. Representatives of the sponsoring company that are not attending the conference, may join to chair one of the private lunch tables on request. Logistical details, such as location of the lunch, menu choice, decoration, staff for helping to welcome and seat invitees, sound system, screen, timing etc. are subject to discussion with ALFI. No logo is included in this option as there is no benefit to attendees.


Can be booked as exclusive annual or long-term sponsorship (as there are set-up costs involved), in which case the sponsorship would not be made available to other members for the duration of the commitment. Branding and building of the speaker lounge is at the charge of the sponsor and not included in the sponsorship fee. ALFI will provide and pay for basic lounge furniture and drinks and will provide a hostess for access control.

The lounge is supposed to be a quiet place where speakers and press can prepare their speeches & articles and are not disturbed. Therefore, access to the lounge is limited to conference speakers, press, VIPs, interview partners of press, ALFI staff and the sponsor’s “booth only person”. During conference breaks, up to 3 of the sponsors’ representatives (full access registrants) may access at the same time. Display of sponsors’ brochures in the lounge has to be kept discreet (1 small document stand only). Any other display of materials or promotional items is subject to approval by ALFI.


ALFI will gather replies of all interested sponsors up until the deadline of 12 February 2021. Kindly provide your topic/speaker suggestion (related to the conference programme) to events@alfi.lu, which will be the major decision criterion for the conference producer.


Sponsors are responsible for the delivery, tracking and return of their materials to and from the seminar venue(s) as well as for organising the accommodation and travel arrangements of their company’s representatives. Kindly limit the number of brochures/distribution items you send (max. 4-5 different ones). Please carefully read the logistical information that will be sent closer to each roadshow to your contact person nominated on the agreement form.


In order to raise visibility, ALFI is offering the respective sponsors the opportunity to pro-actively participate in the content of the programmes of our paying virtual events (EAM and Global Distribution conferences) by organising a dedicated session:

45 minutes workshop/masterclass:

This exclusive session is part of the main conference programme and will as such be listed in the pdf, online agenda and in the main agenda of the virtual platform including logo, title and speakers’ names.


It will be streamed on the main screen of the virtual event platform and, if speaker availability allows, be filmed in high quality in the ALFI film studio. ALFI reserves the right to choose the day and time of the live stream. The session is available for conference attendees only.


ALFI will promote the session through one individual email and one social media post. ALFI will coordinate the promotion of the session with the sponsor and encourages sponsors to prepare their own marketing campaign in addition.

Recordings of the session:

The video will be available in the “Replays/agenda” section of the virtual platform from the day of the live stream until the platform closes.

Content coordination of the session:

The sponsor is responsible for putting the topic and speakers of the session together. This should be done in close cooperation with the ALFI programme coordinator pierre.oberle@alfil.lu by following the below speaker selection criteria set-out by ALFI:

  • ALFI encourages selection of speakers based on seniority, industry visibility & profile, charisma, personality, English proficiency, opinion, competency in the subject matter, and proven ability to entertain, engage, educate and encourage debate with their audience.
  • An appropriate balance of diversity (gender, race, age, nationality, elements of the industry value chain) should be kept.
  • As a sponsor you may select one speaker from your organisation to be either a moderator, panellist or interviewer but not a stand-alone speaker or single-interviewee. Kindly note that all speaker proposals are subject to prior approval by ALFI.
  • Whilst ALFI has offered a general theme for each session, detailed content, message and format is at the discretion of the sponsor, provided that such content avoids at all costs any suggestion of self-advertising, promotion, marketing or commercial reference. All proposals including slides should be presented to the ALFI organising committee prior to the event. ALFI reserves the right to propose refinements as it deems appropriate.
  • As a facilitator you may, at your own discretion and at your own cost in addition to the sponsorship package itself, choose to pay for a speaker/panellist if you believe that by doing so you may increase the prestige and impact of the session. If you choose to do so, ALFI must be consulted and offer a “no objection” before any commitments are made to such speakers.
  • There should be no commitment to any speaker to reimburse travel expenses without ALFI approval, unless you choose to cover such expenses directly.


Exhibition PLUS option:

This option permits the exhibitor to attract visitors by providing additional high-level content on their virtual exhibition booth by organising a 30-minutes live session at the booth.


The session will be listed before the event on the respective website of the event, in a separate section of the pdf and online agenda in chronological order, including logo and title of the session and without speakers’ names. During the event, sessions will be listed in the main agenda of the virtual platform and linked to the sponsor’s exhibition booth, including logo and title of the session (no speakers’ names). ALFI encourages sponsors to prepare their own marketing campaign.


The exhibitors’ sessions will be broadcasted after the main programme sessions and, depending on the number of sessions, there will be several sessions in parallel. The sponsors are responsible for the technical set-up of the session in one of the webinar tools supported by the ALFI platform (ideally Zoom, alternatively Webex). As such, the session is available for conference attendees but also to Sponsor’s invitees (direct access to the session without login in to the platform). ALFI reserves the right to choose the day and time of the sessions.

Recordings of the session:

The sponsor may record the session to make it available for replay on the booth until the platform closes.

Content coordination of the session:

The sponsor is fully responsible for the organisation of the session (choice of topic, speakers’ invitations, rehearsals, technical tests, promotion etc.). However, ALFI reserves the right to review and propose any amendments to the content and speakers as it deems appropriate. The topic, content and speakers shouldn’t overlap or compete with the main agenda. In any case, the content and speakers are subject to prior approval by ALFI.

ALFI encourages the sponsor to go beyond the traditional promotional, marketing, or commercial references and provide with more content-specific material, such as but not limited to a panel discussion, interview and keynote speech.