James Pomeroy, HSBC

James Pomeroy

Covid-19 crisis; How did the Luxembourg fund industry cope, and what are the implications for a transformed future?

It was the perfect storm: the most volatile markets in a decade, a global pandemic, and managing a total shift from office-based to remote working, with virtually no playbook. This panel tells the stories of how the asset management industry coped, the enduring lessons, the approach to returning from confinement, and the outlook for Luxembourg as a brave new world emerges. What does it mean for the workforce and workplace of the future, for Luxembourg seeking to build upon its well-deserved position as the leading cross-border fund centre, and the broader societal implications and aspirations?


The economics of the "new normal"

What will our world look like as a result of Covid-19? Some industries will thrive, some will suffer as the economy reshapes. How can policymakers create jobs, grow the economy and eventually pay for all of the borrowing in the past year? James will discuss the economic outlook for the next year and beyond, focusing on topics such as cash payments, how cities could look in the future and how quickly we will all be going on international holidays again.


CSSF interview

Hear the views of CSSF Director General Claude Marx on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the asset management industry, what is behind us, and what additional policy measures policymakers and ESAs may consider in the near future. Listen to Claude Marx’s insights on all major developments and market trends impacting the asset management industry such as sustainable finance, financial literacy, the financing of pensions, upcoming European legislation as well as diversity and inclusion.