Nasir Zubairi, Luxembourg House of Fintech (LHoFT)

Nasir Zubairi Nasir is CEO of The LHoFT foundation - The Luxembourg House of Financial Technology, a public/private sector initiative to drive fintech innovation in Luxembourg. He sits on the IMF’s High Level Advisory Group on Finance and Technology and is part of the OECD's Blockchain Expert Policy Advisory Board. Until the end of 2019, Nasir was a Non-Executive Board Director of Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB) S.A.  Nasir has worked in Financial Services for over 20 years. He spent 13 years working within Capital Markets at RBS, ICAP, HSBC and EBS. He has been immersed in the Fintech and startup sector for the past seven years. As an entrepreneur, Nasir has built multiple Fintech businesses across verticals. He has advised the boards of leading financial institutions, central banks and governments. Nasir was included in the “Top 40 innovators shaping the future of financial services -2014” by The Wall Street Journal/Financial News. Nasir has a BSc from the London School of Economics and is a Sloan Fellow from London Business School.

Impact investing and “build back better”

“Build back better” is a phrase we hear more and more, but what does it mean and what are the implications for policy, particularly the greater focus on societal aspects of ESG? Hear Jamie Broderick’s perspective on the spectrum of capital – what is driving the trend of impact and sustainable investing? How much is the pandemic influencing its path? What are the serious implications for the future of the asset management business? Hear two industry heavyweights in conversation, exploring why impact and sustainable investing make your money matter without compromising returns.


CEO interview: alternative funds – a spotlight on real assets

Real asset funds have been present in Luxembourg for many years, but the past few years have seen significant increased activity. Hear Eduardo Gramuglia, who heads one of the leading administrators of this asset class, in conversation with Karim Khairallah at Oaktree, one of the leading firms promoting this activity using Luxembourg as a strategic domicile. Together they explore why the trend grows, where the demand is driven from, why Luxembourg remains an attractive domicile, and the future challenges and opportunities for this asset class.


The LHoFT vision of the future

The Luxembourg House of Financial Technology (LHoFT) is Luxembourg’s dedicated FinTech centre where finance and technology meet. In this session, David Capocci, Head of Alternative Investments at KPMG is aksing Nasir Zubairi, CEO of the LHoFT how Covid-19 has shaken up the world of start-ups: from new trends emerging for start-ups, investors and VCs to the impact of regulation impact on innovation.

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