Jason Carss, KKR

Jason Carss

Distribution in the European Economic Area, the United Kingdom and Switzerland

This panel will address the evolving legislative framework with regard to both marketing and pre-marketing of funds in Europe as well as the regime applicable to marketing professionals based in Europe or abroad. A first feedback and conclusions on the recently implemented cross-border marketing directive, update on AIFMD II, new ESMA regulation, as well as recent and upcoming developments on MiFID II will be provided. The panel will also take the audience through the latest statistics in terms of European distribution: currently favored investment strategies, distribution channels, types of investors currently deploying capital and macro-trends that US managers wishing to enter the European markets ought to know. Finally, the panel will drill down on two major jurisdictions for US sponsors outside of the EEA: the UK and Switzerland and expose how US managers can tap into those.


Retailisation of alternative investment products

Large buckets of retail money are currently still sitting on individuals’ saving accounts. Which options to tap into this market? The panel will explore opportunities and available structures and interesting market insight will be shared.