Minding the gap - Diversity in Asset Management

The case for diversity in the fund and asset management industry is clear, women are under-represented in the asset management industry, particularly in investment roles. This is a topic which centers around firm culture, an important but understudied subject in the financial industry.

Efforts have been underway to improve gender diversity for a few years already, however the progress is rather slow. Why is that?

Revel Wood, CEO at FundRock Management Company will lead the panel discussion along with Alexandra Haggard, Managing Director at Blackrock, Alexandra Morris, CIO at Skagen Funds and Lorraine Rodrigues, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Fidelity International to share their point of views on:

  • Problems and challenges in the industry representation
  • What effort and initiatives are being in train today
  • Obstacles to overcome
    • Mixed picture of landscape of asset owners
    • Perception of financial services
    • Why are women not applying/ entering the market?
    • Why can’t women be retained at the more senior level?
  • Diversity and inclusion strategic initiatives across employee cycle
    • What are organisations doing to overcome this problem?
    • What more could the industry do?

Don’t miss the discussion on how to close the gender gap on 6 March at 2.30pm.


Revel Wood, CEO, FundRock Management Company S.A. (Moderator)

Alexandra Haggard, Managing Director, Strategic Product Management, Blackrock

Alexandra Morris, CIO, Member of the Board, Skagen Funds

Lorraine Rodrigues, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Fidelity International

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