What do clients want from their asset managers?

The growth in the passive sector has a spill-over impact on active managers and gives rise to product innovation and rationalisation. How is technology blurring the boundaries between actives and passives? What are active managers doing to retain their relevance in the fast changing investment landscape?

What do clients want from their Asset Managers?

Professor Amin Rajan, CEO, Create-Research, moderated two panel discussions at the ALFI European Asset Management conference on 21 March that covered FUND DESIGN & STRATEGIC TRENDS IN 2 PARTS:

Part 1: Are the reports of the death of active management exaggerated?

A dedicated session to provide an answer to the ongoing Active versus Passive debate. The end seems nigh for active management – or does it? The answer is nuanced. There is no nirvana in investing, only phases, as strategies go in and out of fashion. Nothing goes in one direction for ever.

Part 2: What do clients want from their Asset Managers?

In the industrial age, it was hard to get by without basic literacy: the ability to read and write. In this age of personal responsibility, it is hard to get by without financial literacy: the ability to plan and prioritise.

This exciting panel moderated by Amin Rajan discussed what’s on the mind of the investor.

It is one thing to have financial literacy in this day and age, however do we know:

  • Why and how is demographics reshaping the needs of the end-investors?
  • Who do different client segments want from their asset managers?
  • Where are the biggest gaps between what clients need and what they get from their asset managers? What actions do asset managers and fund distributors need to bridge the current gaps?
  • In particular, how can asset managers promote greater financial literacy which is at the heart of the perceived gaps?