What will the European Asset Management landscape of the future look like?

Over the last 30 years, European Asset Management has developed to become a leading industry and an unequalled cross-border success story.

In the current environment, what are the opportunities to grasp and the challenges to meet?

To answer these questions we have invited four CEOs of leading European Asset Management Associations.

  • Chris Cummings, CEO of The Investment Association-IA 
  • Pat Lardner, Chief Executive of Irish Funds 
  • Thomas Richter, CEO of German Investment Funds Association-BVI h
  • Pierre Bollon, Director General of French Investment Funds and Asset Managers Trade Association-AFG 

Don’t miss their roundtable discussion on 6 March at 9.50am with insights on the future of the Euopean Asset Management industry.

View latest agenda: click here.