Maria Angeles Leon, Open Value Foundation

Maria Angeles Leon María Ángeles studied economics between Ireland and Spain, started her career in Marketing but quickly realized that sales was her natural drive. She is passionate about her work, and enjoys giving to, sharing and trusting people. She works for Telefónica S.A since more than 20 years, where she has led a "digital transformation" sales job. She currently combines this job with her work in the Family foundation. Her philanthropic experience of over 15 years, led to a change in Open Value’s model, from a pure philanthropic one, to a personal approach, that combines philanthropy, as seed capital, with private investment and business models, as tools for development and sustainability. Her experiences with Acumen and YSB founders have been of great inspiration for this vision. She is co-founder of Open Value and the creative mind behind Open Value Social Fund, a social impact fund, result of this new vision and of the search for more efficient and impactful ways of supporting the disadvantaged.



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    Florian Eisele Luxembourg Focal Point, UN Environment Global Communications Coordinator United Nations REDD Programme


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