David Hagen, Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier, (CSSF)

David Hagen David graduated in IT applied to Management from the University of Nancy II and holds a Master « M.I.A.Ge. » ((Maîtrise d’Informatique Appliquée à la Gestion). Prior to join the CSSF in October 1999, David was Manager in IT Financial Services at PwC Luxembourg, responsible for the IT of the front and middle office at BIL, Head of IT Development at Cetrel S.C. (today: SIX Payment) where he designed the national clearing system for payments and the national direct debit system. He was also co-designer of the ATM-POS softwares for card acquisition. David is Associated Lecturer at the Luxembourg’s University on Risk & Security matters (Master in information system security), member of the Luxembourg’s National Committee on Digital Signature in charge of final approval of Certification Authorities, Honorary President of the Luxembourg Association for Security of Information Systems (CLUSIL) after ten years of presidency, member and former member of various working groups (Haut Comité à la Place Financière – FinTech WG, European Supervisory Market Authority (ESMA), Basel Committee…). In 2017, he received the “Lifetime Career” award from the Luxembourg’s ICT community for his ongoing commitment to the ICT community. He is co-author of two academic publications: o CLOUD PROVIDERS VIABILITY: HOW TO ADDRESS IT FROM AN IT AND LEGAL PERSPECTIVE? (Cesare Bartolini, Donia El Kateb, Yves Le Traon, David Hagen (2015)) o OPERATIONAL RISK MANAGEMENT IN FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS: PROCESS ASSESSMENT IN CONCORDANCE WITH BASEL II (C. Bernard, D. Hagen, P.Maar, D. Reinard, B. Di Renzo, M. Hillairet, M. Picard, A. Rifaut, (2005))



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    David Hagen Head of IT Supervision and Support PSF Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier, (CSSF)