Thorsten Hens, Swiss Finance Institute of Financial Economics, University of Zurich

Thorsten Hens



Redefining the Asset Management operating model: a roundtable discussion with the CEOs of leading European Asset Management Associations

The global Asset Management is facing a number of key challenges including increasing fee and margin compression, an ever increasing winner-take-all phenomenon, accompanied by digital innovation. Delivering innovative products to respond to macroeconomic factors, demographic changes, growing focus on the environmental and sustainability agenda:

How should the sector respond to these challenges?



A European regulatory outlook

An interview with ESMA & EFAMA


Investor Behaviours – a Cultural View

The investor of Europe is not the same as the investor of Asia or America. How investors react to fund returns depends on their cultural background!

What are the key determinants of investor behavior? How do they differ across cultures? What does this imply for funds’ flows? Where to offer which fund style (passive, value, momentum)?

A behavioural scientist, German economist and finance academic, Thorsten Hens,  is among the top 10 economics professors in the German-speaking area, according to the Handelsblatt ranking.

  • Thorsten Hens

    Thorsten Hens Professor Swiss Finance Institute of Financial Economics, University of Zurich


Minding the gap - Diversity in Asset Management

The case for diversity is clear. Efforts are underway to improve representation in the Asset Management industry.

What does that mean for the organisation and for the performance of the business? Does gender diversity also bring benefits to end investors?


Entering the millenial era- the changing face of European Asset Management

Global cross-border Asset Managers discuss 30 years in the making to today’s AM world, the ”next generation of Asset Management”  and the evolving operating models.


Dispelling the Myths of Securities Lending for UCITS Funds

Securities Lending (“SecLending”) is a big business . Leading Asset Servicers have been providing this service to the fund industry for many years, yet it still remains an unspoken topic. So, where do UCITS funds sit in this industry?

A roundtable discussion with the full spectrum of the securities lending value chain, focusing on UCITS structures and their participation in securities lending programmes