Prof Dr Hakan Lucius, European Investment Bank

Prof Dr Hakan Lucius Hakan Lucius is Professor of Finance, lecturing at SciencesPo in Paris, the Frankfurt School of Finance, and the Welch College of Business, Luxembourg and specializes on sustainable finance.  He is an internationally acclaimed speaker, having presented in conferences in over 16 countries globally, quoted by the Financial Times and by Reuters, was awarded Best Lecturer, Master of Development Finance, by Frankfurt School and by the by Welch MBA, Luxembourg and has published articles in multiple languages.  He received a Ph.D. with distinctions in industrial economics, an MBA from INSEAD, France and an MSc in Engineering from Vienna Technical University, where he graduated as the youngest student of his faculty. Prof Dr Hakan Lucius is currently Head of Corporate Responsibility and Civil Society at the European Investment Bank, the European Union’s bank, covering sustainability and stakeholder engagement dimensions of the institution, and possesses more than 20 years of sustainability experience in finance. Prof Dr Lucius is also a member of the European Comission’s Technical Expert Group on the Ecolabel, serves on the European Investment Bank’s Pension Board, co-chairs the Digital Funding FinTech working group of the Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry, is on their environmental fund label and the ESG fund label eligibility committees, as well as the EIB Institute’s Knowledge Committee.



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