Hedda Pahlson-Möller,

Hedda Pahlson-Möller Hedda Pahlson-Moller is a Business Angel, Board Member, Adjunct Professor, and outspoken advocate for all things IMPACT through TIIME.org. The common denominator between the initiatives has been mobilizing capital and resources towards positive social and environmental impact, leveraging the power of diversity and entrepreneurship. Hedda invests through OMSINT, an impact investment vehicle, and does Advisory and Advocacy through TIIME.org, a Social Impact Catalyst. Hedda has spent the last 10 years as Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship at Sacred Heart University and lectures on Social Innovation and Social Enterprise at the University of Luxembourg. She is an Executive Fellow at Essex University. Hedda sits on the boards of the European Business Angel Network (chairing EBAN Impact), LBAN and Rising Tide Europe (women's angel fund). She is advisor to the Luxembourg government on Sustainable Development (CSDD) and sits on the advisory board for the Vodafone F-Lane Accelerator for Women Empowerment as well as Equilibre, a Think Tank for Gender Complementarity. Her previous board positions include European Venture Philanthropy Association and Luxembourg Microfinance and Development Fund – organizations she still actively supports alongside her TONIIC 100% membership.



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