Andrew Keith Walker,

Andrew Keith Walker Andrew Walker writes about cutting edge technology, and its effects on business, society and the economy. He has over 20 years experience in digital, from designing web-based games before the bubble to running a digital design agency in the '00s. Between 2008 & 2012, he co-founded two successful data mining companies that tracked breaking news (Tweetminster) and audience behaviour (Semetric) on social media, and a data privacy software company (Optanon). Today, Andrew writes for a wide range of clients from global corporations to newspapers and TV channels, and consults on digital strategy, content marketing and digital product development.



Sustainability – an Asset Manager’s duty?

Once the decision is made to embark on the sustainability path, internal procedures need to be put in place to ensure proper implementation of the commitment. Policy, risk management, investment decisions, reporting… all elements of the Asset Manager’s value chain are impacted.

CEOs of leading Asset Management groups share their experience of the process


The rise of the ESG, SRI, Impact & Climate Finance: what it means for business and for our planet

Which methodology? What rationale? Which approach?



How “customer experience” design is transforming fund servicing

The finance community, like retail brands and services, is adapting to the new ‘omni-channel’ world. It’s predicted that by 2020, customer experience will become the key differentiators for B2C and B2B brands alike, beating product and price as market influencers. And while the finance industry is engaging with blockchain, FinTech innovations and automation, the biggest challenge they face isn’t technological, it’s defining smarter human-centric experiences.


Interview with the Regulator: the latest regulatory hot topics for the fund industry


Fintech – Facts, Fiction and the Future

A reality check on all things Fintech in the AM production cycle.