Jens Wilhelm, Union Investment

Jens Wilhelm Jens Wilhelm has been a board member of Union Investment since 2008. As CIO, he is responsible for portfolio management, the real-estate funds business and the IT infrastructure segment. Wilhelm is member of the Executive Committee of the German Equities Institute and of the German Corporate Governance Code Government Commission. Wilhelm joined Union Investment in 2002 as head of equity fund management. In 1994 he startet his professional career as a fund manager at the German Investment Trust and became executive director of Dresdner Asset Management in 2001. After completing a traineeship in banking, Wilhelm studied business administration at Cologne, Paris and New York.



Sustainability – an Asset Manager’s duty?

Once the decision is made to embark on the sustainability path, internal procedures need to be put in place to ensure proper implementation of the commitment. Policy, risk management, investment decisions, reporting… all elements of the Asset Manager’s value chain are impacted.

CEOs of leading Asset Management groups share their experience of the process

  • Ophélie Mortier

    Ophélie Mortier Responsible Investment Strategist Degroof Petercam Asset Management S.A.

  • Jens Wilhelm

    Jens Wilhelm Chief Investment Officer, Board Member Union Investment


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