Jan Sturesson, Resting - Advise from the future

Jan Sturesson

• Owner of the consultancy RESTING - Advise from the Future. International Senior Advisor (to governments and private
sector on corporate governance, strategic development, innovation and leadership) Investor and Public Speaker. Right now Jan
is working for the EU commission on the digitalization agenda and reskilling agenda and as strategy advisor to bigger and
smaller companies internationally. Also serving different governments and state owned companies on C-suite level
• Member of the WEF -World Economic Forum (2009-2015) and the Global Agenda Council (GAC) - Future of global
governance. Previously served in the GAC - Future of Urbanisation and Future of Government.
• Partner and global leader In PwC of the government and public services industry. (2001- 2015) This includes; Central
government, Regional government, Cities and local government and their companies. Jan was also client responsible for
international governments and institutions, such as; UN, EU, WB, NATO and Global Fund. Former
• Chairman of the PwC /EEIG board – A European PwC advisory company focusing on the European Commission and the EU
institutions (2008-2015)
• Chairman of the advisory board in New Club of Paris - an international network organization in the area of Innovation and
intellectual capital with focus of business intelligence and societal innovations (2013-2015)
• Founder of PwC Sweden’s Public Leadership Program “Leaders of the Future” – a unique public sector leadership
programme for Mayors, City Managers, CFO’s and CEO’s in city-owned enterprises. PwC Sweden is the true market leader in
this service offering to the pubic sector
• Former leader of PwC’s Groundbreaking Global Cities Report “Cities of the Future” - Global competition, local leadership,
including future demands and dreams in cities and the strategic agenda of tomorrow. Innovator of the “The New Capitalism
Concept” - a holistic approach to sustainable development
• Jan has been responsible for international projects such as strategic plans for ME cities, strategies for Skolkovo Institute of
Technology, Moscow, Russia, and ESS - European Spallation Source project (a research facility) in Lund, Sweden regarding
expected regional economic impact on in a 3, 5 Billion US$ investment
• Jan is a respected and frequently engaged international conference speaker on president, PM and minister level. He has
published more than a 15 books special focus on; strategy, leadership, innovation and governance. Lately the report/books
named; Future of SOEs and value creation and Future of Government has been released. He was the first private sector person
in Sweden being awarded the prestigious prize – “City Economist of the Year”
• He has been in over 15 different boards around the globe and he is still active as a professional board member

09.10 - 10.00

Industry (R)evolution

This session will consist of a presentation of the Industry Revolution Report, Part II, done by Citi Business Advisory Services: “How Today’s Innovation Efforts Could Lead to a Re-architecting of the Investment Management Industry”, followed by a panel discussion of hot topics in the industry.

10.55 - 11.35

The role of asset managers in the provision of pensions

AMs operating in Europe are welcoming the proposed addition to their toolkit in the form of the PEPP. This panel will look at this large-scale, portable and cost-efficient product, designed to encourage long-term investment in a sustainable manner in the real economy while enabling AMs to tailor products to suit their business models.

11.35 - 12.05

The fate of securitisation

Investment funds are feeling the impact of new rules such as ATAD and the EU Securitisation Regulation 2017/2402. You may be asking yourself whether you can still use securitisation as an intermediary company and/or feeder structure for your funds – and if not, if there is an easy way out. Our experts will be looking at these questions as well as into the future – is a revised securitisation law in the making?

13.15 - 13.45

Lunch session: Innovation in Asset Management: 5 fintechs to discover

In the exhibition area

14.10 - 14.55

The fight for talent

The recipe for attracting tomorrow’s leaders is on every employer’s wishlist. The HR experts on this panel will tell you what makes global nomads stay – in a job, in a place (like Luxembourg), and loyal to their employer.

14.55 - 15.20

The impact of technology on the world of work

Are robots really coming for our jobs? What have machines still got to learn, and what can we learn from machines?

15.50 - 16.30

Brexit: impact on people and org charts

In the light of the most recent CSSF substance rules, organisations have to make the right moves – quite literally – as 29 March approaches. Whether it is building your org chart in line with these substance requirements, making sure you have the right people in the right location, or other elements in the Brexit conundrum – this debate promises to be an interesting one.

16.30 - 16.50

Tick tock goes the Brexit clock

Brexit from a political perspective