Pauline Hawkes-Bunyan, Investment Association

Pauline Hawkes-Bunyan


09.10 - 09.50

Keeping pace with the asset manager

Different service providers approach strategic evolution differently, but always in alignment with how they believe their client needs are best served.

09.50 - 10.30

The rise of the third-party ManCo model

How far can the third-party ManCo model go? What role does it play? Is consolidation a good thing? Does it represent a true full outsource solution for even the very largest asset managers? Are there clouds on the horizon?

11.25 - 12.05

The workforce of the future

Upskilling the service provider workforce to cope with change and the rapid adoption of technology: how is it done?

15.25 - 16.10

The EU-UK relationship in financial services after Brexit

What does the withdrawal agreement hold for the EU-UK relationship?

  • Luc Frieden

    Luc Frieden Partner Elvinger Hoss Prussen and Former Luxembourg Minister of Finance

  • Camille Thommes

    Camille Thommes Director General Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry (ALFI)