Charles Muller, Master of Ceremonies

Charles Muller After studying law in Paris and London, Charles Muller (56), joined Banque Générale du Luxembourg, where he held various legal positions in the retail, corporate and private banking departments, before being appointed Deputy Secretary General of the Bank. In 2003, he joined ALFI, the Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry where he held the position of Deputy Director General and also was a Board member of the world-wide federation of investment fund associations IIFA, a Board member of the European Federation for Retirement Provision (EFRP now Pensions Europe) and a member of the Management Committee of EFAMA. In 2011, Charles became a Partner with KPMG Luxembourg, in charge of the Investment Management arm of the European Financial Services Regulatory Centre of Excellence (London), a member of the KPMG global leadership team for Investment Management and the lead partner for Sustainable Finance in the Luxembourg office. Since 2019, Charles is a barrister („avocat à la Cour »), an independent Director (« TheDirectorsOffice ») and the chair of the NGO “Finance and Human Rights a.s.b.l.”


09.00 - 09.20

Welcome and introduction

09.40 - 10.00

Value assessments - a known unknown?

What are value assessments? Are value assessments coming to Luxembourg and why? What might be the implications and consequences?

10.00 - 10.30

Product innovation: new kids on the block

Product evolution with the investor in mind: what will “products of the future” look like? Why are they needed?

11.05 - 11.50

ESG: How to really add value for investors

A practitioner’s view, a practical case and a country’s vision for the future

11.50 - 12.25

"Dear CEO, ..."

An insight into the current thinking of CEOs in these transformative times.

14.30 - 15.15

Listen to the investor (part I): institutional investors

Perspectives from pension funds, insurers and private banking: what do various types of institutional investor need from the asset manager? How are those needs changing? Can Luxembourg be the domicile of choice for the PEPP?

15.45 - 16.30

Listen to the investor (part II): retail investors

Does the asset manager really serve the retail investor, or is it merely a provider of raw materials for the evolving advice and distribution channels? We adopt three personae: the millennial, the middle-aged household head, and the retiree, and seek solutions for their needs and outcomes from three channels: the asset manager, a retail bank, and a new platform proposition. Which one offers the best solution for our personae?

16.30 - 17.10

Investor education: let's get serious

Saving and investment explained, simplified and demystified: two approaches to encouraging the many people without savings/investment plans to get started.


09.00 - 09.10

Masters of Ceremonies' welcome and introduction

09.10 - 09.50

Keeping pace with the asset manager

Different service providers approach strategic evolution differently, but always in alignment with how they believe their client needs are best served.

09.50 - 10.30

The rise of the third-party ManCo model

How far can the third-party ManCo model go? What role does it play? Is consolidation a good thing? Does it represent a true full outsource solution for even the very largest asset managers? Are there clouds on the horizon?

11.25 - 12.05

The workforce of the future

Upskilling the service provider workforce to cope with change and the rapid adoption of technology: how is it done?

15.25 - 16.10

The EU-UK relationship in financial services after Brexit

What does the withdrawal agreement hold for the EU-UK relationship?

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