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Opening and introduction by the Chairperson

  • Kavitha Ramachandran

    Kavitha Ramachandran Head of Business Development & Client Management – Continental Europe, Maitland and Co-Chair of ALFI Promotion Committee


The economic outlook for 2022 and the big themes to watch

This flagship event will start by setting the scene with an economist’s analysis of the outlook for 2022.
Let’s take a closer look at the trends that have been accelerated by the pandemic such as the evolution of technology, demographics, urbanisation along with a focus on ESG.


CEO panel

This panel discussion focuses on the senior leadership executives from asset managers operating in Europe – to look into the future perspective of asset management and the key themes defining their strategies.




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Let's hear it from the regulator - CSSF

  • Claude Marx

    Claude Marx Director General Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF)

Interviewed by:


Product innovation & strategic structuring

The mutual fund concept is very mature, yet competition, regulation and client demand requires sustained innovation across all strategies and vehicle types. How can product innovation avoid proliferation, and ensure mutual fund economics deliver desired returns for investors and managers alike?
Hear from 3 experts in the field their anecdotes and future focus for product strategy, and what they consider to be the main influences on such strategy


  • Rosheen Dries

    Rosheen Dries Partner, EMEIA and Luxembourg Wealth & Asset Management Tax Lead EY


  • Peter Preisler

    Peter Preisler Managing Director, Head of Marketing and Business Development, Europe & Africa Oaktree Capital Management, L.P.


Custom and direct indexing: challenges and opportunities

Custom indexing is quickly reshaping how index providers construct market indexes and how investors invest. It is an exciting and positive trend, yet also contains challenges and raises new questions for the end investor.

  • Where are we now and where are we going?
  • What’s driving this – supply or demand?
  • Will the next generation investment “vehicle” be entirely personalised? Can it really be like customising your Tesla? What are the implications?
  • Gareth Parker

    Gareth Parker Chief Indexing Officer Morningstar & Moorgate Benchmarks

Interviewed by:


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Chairperson's introduction

  • Ravi Beegun

    Ravi Beegun Member of ALFI StratBo & Chief Innovation Officer at KPMG

14.10 - 17.30

From buzzword to impact: connecting the dots of ESG in 2022

Tired of hearing why you should focus on ESG, and instead, are you ready to start finding value in ESG?
Listen as the experts examine the moving parts behind everyone’s favourite green buzzword. From data and taxonomy to the role technology can play in maximizing investor value, start the new year with clarity regarding the latest trends and challenges asset managers in Luxembourg face today.


ESG Deep Dive - Keynote speaker

Interviewed by:


ESG Deep Dive - The asset managers' view: “measuring the true impact with sustainable funds”

ESG, net zero, impact, taxonomy, Article 8, 9, COP26…….are we again bewildering the end investor? Don’t they just want to know their investment has made a difference? What does it all mean? How to move from “compliance” to “impact”? A serious discussion and outlook for ensuring the industry delivers, with three leading asset managers presenting case studies of article 9 funds: environmental equity fund, micro-finance fund and renewable energy fund.

Interviewed by:

  • Jamie Broderick

    Jamie Broderick Advocate for social impact investment and board member Impact Investing Institute


ESG Deep Dive - The data challenge

What kind of data do asset managers need, by when and how, are data vendors well equipped, including on TSC and DNSH data? Will the IFRS Foundation’s International Sustainability Standards Board help in forging an internationally accepted standard, will CSRD likewise help asset managers in Europe? What are the short-term solutions that asset managers can avail of pending implementation of these new standards? How well prepared are asset managers to comply with the draft SFDR/ Taxonomy regulation templates for pre-contractual disclosures and periodic reports?


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ESG Deep Dive - Is technology the key enabler for giving a boost to sustainable finance’s objectives?

The distinguished panel of experts will debate about the benefits, potentials and challenges that technology in the DLT space, such as blockchain and tokens, can have to reorient more capital to sustainable investment and how it can support and foster the ESG agenda forward. At the same time they will comment on the other side of the coin, mitigation measures for the energy consumption that such new technology could cause.

  • Laurent Marochini

    Laurent Marochini Chairman of ALFI Blockchain & Crypto assets technical Committee & Head of Innovation Société Générale Securities Services

Interviewed by:


ESG Deep Dive - Corporate and ESG reporting obligations




Chairperson's wrap-up and closing remarks


Networking cocktail kindly sponsored by KPMG