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Welcome by ALFI

  • Camille Thommes

    Camille Thommes Director General Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry (ALFI)


Welcome address

  • Mairead McGuinness

    Mairead McGuinness Commissioner for Financial Services, Financial Stability and Capital Markets Union European Commission


Opening and introduction by the Chairperson


Regulatory update

The equivalent of speed-dating for regulatory and legal experts, this well-known session will give participants an all-encompassing, refreshing, 360° helicopter view of all regulatory developments that matter for asset managers and investment funds practitioners, taken from a Luxembourg perspective. Fasten your seat belt and listen to first findings on the review of the UCITS directive and AIFMD, ELTIF V2, the upcoming review of the MMFR, ESMA’s CSA on costs and charges, the way forward for PRIIPs KID and UCITS KIID, recent positions of the CSSF on digital assets, AML/KYC, the Luxembourg law on securitisation, recent clarifications on the eligibility of certain assets such as SPACs and loans, new CSSF Circulars on the Long Form Report – and many more….


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Crypto, tokenisation, NFTs – The opportunities of investing in digital assets

In its continuous pursuit of innovation and attractive returns and responding to growing investor demand, the fund industry has now been trying to crack the digital assets nut for a while. With Azimut’s successful tokenisation of a private debt portfolio and the CSSF’s guidance expressly allowing Luxembourg funds to take exposure to virtual assets, is the market now ready for funds having direct exposure to digital assets as a component of their investment policy?
What other distribution models of digital assets are emerging? What will be the shape of secondary markets for digital assets?
Join the panel featuring high level representatives from an asset manager and service providers involved in the virtual assets space to get first hand answers to these questions.


  • Serge Weyland

    Serge Weyland CEO Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management, Luxembourg


  • Marco Cora

    Marco Cora Board Member Azimut Investment Management Singapore


Cyber attack: what’s it like from the inside?

Is your organisation ready to deal with a cyber attack? Are you ready in the role you perform? Do you still regard defence and preparation for a cyber attack to be the domain of the CTO? Hear from two perspectives; the Cyber Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) constantly trying to stay several steps ahead of relentless probes from hackers, and a Senior Executive who has lived through the experience. What is it really like when the phone rings at 5am and you are suddenly in react, manage, control, remediate mode to a crisis situation? What are the crucial lessons to ensure you are better prepared to prevent, and to manage through a crisis if attacked?

  • Edith Magyarics

    Edith Magyarics Managing Director Head of Operations Design and Product Innovation PwC

Interviewed by:

12.05 - 12.50

Digital Custody – redefining the financial services landscape

Lunch session facilitated by State Street

With the financial industry continuing its rapid transformation to a digital economy, the custodial industry must pivot to accommodate and support changes and innovations in the financial services landscape. The ever increasing volume of digital assets flowing through the financial system is forcing upon the industry a redefinition of what it means to be a digital custodian.

Is digital custody a bridge of the old and the new? How important are digital assets in investment portfolios? What are the legal implications for digital custody? What is the digital custody regulatory landscape? The session aims at answering the most current questions on the digital assets custodianship from both theoretical and practical standpoints.

  • Swen Werner

    Swen Werner Head of Digital Custody and Payments State Street Digital


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Chairperson's introduction


Talent, Leadership and Legacy - Long term sustainability for the Luxembourg financial services industry

Join us for a powerful and courageous discussion as recently Luxembourg was ranked as 3rd most attractive country for talent globally by IMD Business School. How does this ranking compare to the reality in the asset management and servicing industry? Is there a war for talent and a salary arbitrage phenomenon? What will be the new expectations by both employers and employees in a post-pandemic and increasingly digitalized world?




Transformation in asset management

A new and engaging approach to energise and motivate the industry to adopt FinTech solutions…..three sessions in one;
– An overview of the AM industry value chain through the eyes of the LHoFT AM Task Force, presenting its assessment of pain points and FinTech solutions
– A case study of FinTechs collaborating to create an integrated solution for part of the asset manager value chain
– A successful example of collaboration between a FinTech and a Global Financial Services player, taking us on a journey of how the “buyer” and “seller” consummated their relationship, and how the solution is now delivering benefits across the client organisation


  • Jérôme Verony

    Jérôme Verony Research and Strategy Manager Luxembourg House of Financial Technology (LHoFT)


  • Alberta Brusi

    Alberta Brusi Citi Country Officer Citibank Europe plc, Luxembourg Branch


Chairperson's wrap-up and closing remarks