Eduardo Gramuglia, State Street Bank International GmbH, Luxembourg Branch

Eduardo Gramuglia Eduardo Gramuglia Pallavicino is a senior vice president and country head of State Street in Luxembourg. He is the branch manager of State Street Bank International GmbH, Luxembourg Branch, and is responsible for all activities of State Street Corporation in Luxembourg. In his role, Eduardo leads and manages the branch in compliance with applicable laws and regulation, according to strategic and business objectives, risk appetite, compliance programs, and values of State Street Bank International GmbH in the wider context of the State Street Corporation. Prior to this role, Eduardo was responsible for business development, relationship management, client onboarding and change. He was an authorised manager and a member of the State Street Bank Luxembourg management board. Previously, Eduardo held several senior management roles at ABN Amro Mellon and Brown Brothers Harriman in Luxembourg, where he was the head of sales and relationship management. Eduardo has more than 20 years of experience in the asset servicing and capital markets industry, including experience within custody client services, securities lending and foreign exchange, relationship management, and operations management. He also had general management responsibilities, including oversight of central administration for Luxembourg funds. Eduardo is an active member of the Association of Luxembourg Funds Industry (ALFI). He is a member of the Board of Directors of ALFI and contributes to the work of several of its working groups. Additionally, Eduardo is a member of the Board of Directors of the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology (the LHoFT) and several State Street companies. He has a degree in political science from the University La Sapienza in Rome, and speaks Spanish, Italian, French and English.

Keynote interview

Growth of the Luxembourg financial centre, investments in people, skills, technological innovation – the role of Luxembourg post Brexit


Diversity, Scale and Agility – The response from asset servicers

People, skills, outsourcing, operating models, technology, shift from traditional to alternatives – handling increased size, diversification and sophistication

  • Eduardo Gramuglia

    Eduardo Gramuglia Senior Vice President State Street Bank International GmbH, Luxembourg Branch

  • Brian McMahon

    Brian McMahon Managing Director - Global Head of Alternative Sales, Asset Servicing BNY Mellon


Embracing change – Governance that unpacks complexity

Third party Management Companies and AIFMs

Adapting to manage diverse needs – as many managers move towards being asset class agnostic, what are the pressures being placed on ManCos/AIFMS and how is the industry responding


Practical impacts of Brexit on fund distribution

Latest trends in UK/EU cross-border distribution; To what extent may UK-based marketing teams remain involved in EU marketing?; Impact on Lux management companies/AIFMs; How difficult will it be for Lux funds to access the UK market?