Sean O'Driscoll, Universal-Investment-Luxembourg S.A.

Sean O'Driscoll

Mr. Sean O’Driscoll is the Country Head, Managing Director of Universal-Investment-Luxembourg S.A. (UIL) reporting to the CEO of Universal-Investment-Gesellschaft mbH (UIG), where he is a member of the Management Board. Mr. O’Driscoll is a member of the Luxembourg Management Committee and Director of Universal-Investment-Luxembourg Board. He is responsible for business development, local strategy setting, governance and day-to-day operations

Mr. O’Driscoll has over 27 years of experience in the financial services industry. He started his career in 1993 with State Street Bank where he held various management positions in Boston, Ireland and Luxembourg before joining BlackRock in 2006. Mr. O’Driscoll was responsible for the BlackRock Luxembourg and Ireland operations where he was a Director of the Luxembourg Management Company and a Dirigeant (Conducting Officer). In September 2014 he joined AXA Funds Management Luxembourg as Country Head, General Manager and CFO responsible for leading the Management Company offering UCITS and AIF products with AUM of EUR 50 billion before joining Universal-Investment-Luxembourg S.A. (UIL) as Country Head, Managing Director in February 2019. UIL is the largest third-party Management Company and AIFM in Luxembourg providing UCITS and AIFM services across all asset classes and structures. He contributes to several industry working groups and panels. He graduated from Suffolk University – Sawyer Business School in Boston Massachusetts.


CSSF interview

2021 will be the year of sustainable finance! Two weeks after the first major deadline in the implementation of SFDR, listen to the views of CSSF Director Marco Zwick, interviewed by Corinne Lamesch, Chairperson of ALFI. What are the first lessons learned and what are the next steps in implementing the European’s Commission Action Plan on financing sustainable growth? Listen to Marco Zwick’s insights on key regulatory and supervisory files impacting the asset management industry, such as ESMA’s CSA on costs and charges, liquidity risks and liquidity management tools, the review of the UCITS Directive and AIFMD, and the CSSF’s programme of activities for 2021.


CSSF Circular 18/698 on the authorisation and organisation of IFMs in Luxembourg

Explore the practicalities of the CSSF Circular 18/698 on the authorisation and organisation of IFMs in Luxembourg, several years after its introduction. What are the lessons learnt on the oversight of delegates? Is a tick the box oversight exercise effective or does it risk creating blind spots? Can an oversight be streamlined and automated to make it less resource-intensive by using new technologies? How does oversight reconcile with Group organisation?

  • Vanessa Camilleri

    Vanessa Camilleri Head of Office, Member of Management Partners Group (Luxembourg) S.A.

  • Johannes Höring

    Johannes Höring Local Managing Director and Conducting Officer GAM (Luxembourg) S.A.

  • Sean O'Driscoll

    Sean O'Driscoll Country Head, Managing Director Universal-Investment-Luxembourg S.A.


Diversity & Inclusion in the asset servicing of the future – a NextGen view

Masterclass facilitated by State Street

Organizations today are leading significant changes to their cultures, strategy-making processes and talent management efforts to create a diverse and inclusive work environment that is more adaptable, creative and works as a magnet to attract top talent.

From the next generation perspective, the panel discussion will focus on what are the current practices and strategies being developed to support a diverse workplace and how does diversity and inclusion help companies achieve a competitive business advantage.