Margaret Stafford, Morningstar

Margaret Stafford Maggie Stafford is a Senior Product Manager on Morningstar’s ESG Strategy Team. She leads a team responsible for integrating sustainability data and research on companies and portfolios to support the work of retail and wealth client segments using Morningstar solutions, including financial advisors, asset managers and digital investment platform providers.  Maggie joined the Sustainability team from Morningstar’s Global Sales Operations organization, where she led a cross functional initiatives to optimize Sales work with global Marketing and Product Management functions. She has served as a leader in the firm’s WIN Network, which supports women’s careers at Morningstar and in the Chicago community. She holds a BA in International Studies and Spanish from the University of Michigan.

Keynote interview

Growth of the Luxembourg financial centre, investments in people, skills, technological innovation – the role of Luxembourg post Brexit


Diversity, Scale and Agility – The response from asset servicers

People, skills, outsourcing, operating models, technology, shift from traditional to alternatives – handling increased size, diversification and sophistication


Embracing change – Governance that unpacks complexity

Third party Management Companies and AIFMs

Adapting to manage diverse needs – as many managers move towards being asset class agnostic, what are the pressures being placed on ManCos/AIFMS and how is the industry responding


Practical impacts of Brexit on fund distribution

Latest trends in UK/EU cross-border distribution; To what extent may UK-based marketing teams remain involved in EU marketing?; Impact on Lux management companies/AIFMs; How difficult will it be for Lux funds to access the UK market?


From regulation to practice: an update on SFDR and the EU Taxonomy regulations.

Masterclass facilitated by Morningstar:

In March 2018, the European Commission published a 10-point action plan to leverage financial markets in order to address sustainability challenges, especially those related to climate change. This action plan represents a huge shift in how financial markets are regulated – from emphasising investor protection to using investors’ money for a more sustainable future for generations to come.

How are fund managers going to make it transparent for investors?

During this masterclass, Morningstar and Sustainalytics will give an overview of the latest developments related to SFDR and EU taxonomy regulations, and how they have prepared their data at the fund and company level to make sustainability transparent.

Before the actual presentation by the Morningstar and Sustainalytics specialists, Hermen Molendijk will interview Olivier Goemans, Head of Investment Services & Innovation at BIL on the upcoming ESG regulation.

  • Olivier Goemans

    Olivier Goemans Head of Investment Services and Innovation Banque Internationale à Luxembourg

  • Andrea van Dijk

    Andrea van Dijk Executive director, Commercial strategy EU Action Plan Sustainalytics