Mehtap Numanoğlu, Brown Brothers Harriman (Luxembourg) S.C.A. and Co-Chair Cybersecurity Working Group

Mehtap Numanoğlu

Mehtap is the Chief Risk Officer for BBH Luxembourg, London and Zurich and a member of the Executive Committee/senior management for these BBH entities. Mehtap is also currently the co-chair of the ALFI Digital/Fintech Forum Cybersecurity Working Group and an active member of some other industry working groups.
Prior to that, she has held senior positions in several financial institutions in different countries for over 23 years (including risk management, internal audit and internal control functions). Mehtap has been a speaker in conferences/industry events and writing  about risk related matters. She had obtained many professional certifications in the past in the areas of internal audit, internal controls and risk management.



Sustainability in finance – between green investment funds and sustainability risk management

  • EU sustainable finance principles
  • Taxonomy test and sustainable risk assessment
  • Eco label
  • Disclosure requirements
  • Asset manager and investor views


Meeting regulator's expectations on liquidity risk management in the asset management industry

  • Rationale behind the revision of the regulatory framework
  • Impact and implications of the COVID crisis
  • Key challenges, attention points and practical considerations to best implement the revised regulatory framework


Risk management for real assets – 2020

  • Liquidity Risk Management for Real Assets
  • Covid 19 considerations for Real Assets


Managing technology risks – what are asset managers currently doing?

  • Mehtap Numanoğlu

    Mehtap Numanoğlu Chief Risk Officer Brown Brothers Harriman (Luxembourg) S.C.A. and Co-Chair Cybersecurity Working Group


Regulatory developments

The European regulatory framework and the Luxembourg regulator: overview and outlook

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