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Government address

Chairperson's introduction

09.40 - 10.00

News from Asia and the US

A discussion with the conference partners, NICSA and HKIFA, on the recent developments in their respective fund industries

  • Camille Thommes

    Camille Thommes Director General Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry (ALFI)

  • Sally Wong

    Sally Wong CEO Hong Kong Investment Funds Association (HKIFA)

10.00 - 10.30

Distribution trends: aviation as a reference industry

Lessons to learn from air travel industry – fundamental changes in distribution channels, direct distribution, generational shift, innovative pricing etc.

GDS, AEA and IATA are acronyms that the fund industry might not be too familiar with, however they belong to an industry that also underwent profound changes over the past decade. Changes in the global distribution systems impacted not only travelers and intermediaries, but most of all the airlines directly. Prestigious brands disappeared and made room for low cost airlines, airline mergers and alliances. Are there lessons to be learned by the fund industry?

  • Michael Gloor

    Michael Gloor Senior Director Sales France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands Lufthansa Group

Interviewed by

  • Germain Birgen

    Germain Birgen Directeur, Head of Business Development Banque de Luxembourg

10.30 - 11.00

Coffee break

11.00 - 11.40

Data: distribution intel - data is big, intelligence will be augmented

An examination of how data contributes to distribution. If investment decisions are based on data, for sure distribution decisions must be. In fact, as data itself is becoming an asset class, is the asset manager becoming a data manager?



  • Viktor Fischer

    Viktor Fischer Member of the Group Executive Committee ACOLIN Fund Services AG

  • Sascha Lingling

    Sascha Lingling Chairman openfunds and Head Platform Design and Strategy for UBS Fondcenter UBS Fondcenter

11.40 - 12.20

Integration of sustainability factors in fund distribution rules

In the context of the EU Action plan on Sustainable Finance, the integration of sustainability risks and factors in MiFID II is envisaged via the introduction of mandatory assessments of client ESG preferences. How to match these subsequently with the right financial products? AIFMD and UCITS regulations will see similar developments. In practice, how will this affect distributors?



  • Sabine Otto

    Sabine Otto Policy Officer, Securities Markets Union European Commission

  • Jane Wilkinson

    Jane Wilkinson Independent Director and Managing Partner Ripple Effect S.à r.l.

12.20 - 12.30

Chairperson's wrap-up and closing remarks

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Lunch in the exhibition area kindly sponsored by

13.15 - 13.45

Lunch session sponsored and presented by ACTIAM

Sustainable Investing is the New Core
As ESG concerns increasingly dictate where people save, spend or invest, the momentum for sustainable investing will continue to grow. Question is whether Sustainable Investing will become the new Core of broad investment portfolios? Some overarching trends can be observed.

14.00 - 14.10

Chairperson's introduction

14.10 - 14.30

Keynote speech: Using New Strategies to Improve Returns on Globally Distributed Funds

Innovative digital marketing strategies are changing the way clients meet and interact with portfolio managers and investment teams. Investors and potential investors should know the people managing their money directly as the use of digital platforms and social media can disintermediate investor / client engagement. When these strategies are paired with an innovative investment approach that prioritizes outperformance rather than gathering AUM, client and manager incentives become more aligned than ever before.

14.30 - 15.00

Young perspectives

Talk to millennials, not about them – thoughts about money and financial planning, the need for a fund shopping app etc. – what is it the young clients want?



  • Laura Much

    Laura Much Manager, New Business Development & Communication Löning – Human Rights & Responsible Business

15.00 - 15.20

Company culture – a strategic advantage in addressing the challenges in today’s investment management environment

  • Sally-Ann Tschanz

    Sally-Ann Tschanz Senior Vice President Global Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion Capital Group

15.20 - 15.50

Coffee break

15.50 - 16.00

Pressure on profitability

Persisting pressure on costs and margins affect not only asset managers, but also distributors. New pricing structures, lower fees, distribution platforms or enhanced D2C… how do distributors cope?

16.00 - 16.40

Distributors take centre stage

Do investors feel they get value for money? What sells and what doesn’t? Regulation, pricing, digitalisation, investor education… what really influences fund sales?



  • Gary Collins

    Gary Collins Head of Distribution EMEA & Latin America Columbia Threadneedle Investments EMEA APAC

16.40 - 17.10

Everything you always wanted to know about distribution (but were afraid to ask)

Ad-hoc session: expertise upon request



  • Diana Mackay

    Diana Mackay Managing Director, Global Distribution Solutions Broadridge Financial Solutions

17.10 - 17.30

Distribution Achievement Awards by Broadridge

ALFI is proud to host and looking forward to the third edition of this unique yearly overview of distributor-centric trends, dynamics and strategies.

  • Debbie Brown

    Debbie Brown Global Vice President Marketing Broadridge Financial Solutions

17.30 - 17.35

Master of Ceremony and Chairperson’s wrap up and closing remarks

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