Stewart Aldcroft, Cititrust Limited, Managing Director and Senior Advisor, Citi Markets & Securities Services

Stewart Aldcroft Stewart Aldcroft is Chairman of Cititrust Limited (Cititrust) in Hong Kong.  He is also Managing Director and Asia Pacific Senior Advisor for Citi’s Investor Services business within Citi’s Markets & Securities Services, a business unit of Citi’s Institutional Clients Group. Cititrust is the provider of trustee services to a number of Mandatory Provident Fund constituent funds, Approved Pooled Investment Funds, Exchange Traded Funds and SFC-authorised unit trusts in Hong Kong.  As Senior Advisor for Citi Investor Services, he assists the business to develop new initiatives and grow its client-base and reach across Asia Pacific, advising clients outside Asia on accessing the region. He also leads the production of “thought leadership” pieces relevant to the fund management industry. Stewart joined Citi in August 2011 and brings with him a wealth of experience from previous senior business development and leadership roles in managing traditional mutual funds, hedge and alternative investment funds, structured products and Exchange Traded Funds.  A veteran with deep knowledge of the Asia Pacific funds industry, Stewart has been based in Hong Kong since 1985.  He has been a full member of the Hong Kong Securities Institute since 1999 and has been a Type 9 Licensed Representative and Type 4 Responsible Officer under the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission. Stewart has over the years held various memberships with the Hong Kong Securities Institute Education and Seminars Committee, AIMA Hong Kong Education Committee and Chapter Executive Committee, as well as the Hong Kong Investment Funds Association Executive Committee.  


09.40 - 10.30

AML in the distribution context

Transparency in the investment chain: – know your distributor, know your client and know your beneficial owner. With the implementation of the 4th AML Directive, the coming into life of the Ultimate Beneficial Ownership Register and increased scrutiny from the CSSF, notably through the new “Manco” Circular, what do the authorities expect from asset managers and service providers? Who reports what to whom and how is the process being vetted?

11.00 - 11.50

Tomorrow's cross-border fund distribution in the EU

As part of the Capital Markets Union project, the European Commission has initiated ways to facilitate cross-border distribution in Europe. The proposals strike a trade-off between removing distribution barriers and adequate investor protection. How will these new rules modify European fund distribution?

11.50 - 12.20

Bad banks? The impact of reputation on marketing

Nation branding and image building: how does the overall reputation as a fund domicile contribute towards distribution efforts? How much does image influence decision-making?

14.30 - 15.30

Workshop I - geographical distribution hot spots: UK

14.30 - 15.30

Workshop II - geographical distribution hot spots: Latin America

14.30 - 15.30

Workshop III - geographical distribution hot spots: Asia

  • Stewart Aldcroft

    Stewart Aldcroft Chairman Cititrust Limited, Managing Director and Senior Advisor, Citi Markets & Securities Services

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    Armin P. Choksey Partner, PwC’s Asian Investment Fund Centre and Market Research leader PwC Singapore