Elisa Alonso Sanz, State Street

Elisa Alonso Sanz

Elisa Alonso Sanz is a Senior Vice President, Authorized Manager and member of the Management Board at State Street Bank Luxembourg in charge of Control, Governance and Regulatory Compliance.
Prior to joining State Street, Elisa has held diverse leadership positions in General Management and Risk Management in well-known international companies working in Asset Servicing, Asset Management and Private Banking areas. She has also advised large banks and asset managers in Risk Management in Europe and the Middle East. She has held investment funds and specialised vehicles directorships.
Elisa is a regular speaker in international banking and asset management industry forums (ALFI, ABBL, RiskMinds) and currently is the Vice-Chair of the ABBL Banking Supervisory Committee in Luxembourg.
Elisa holds a cum laude MBA in International Management, a Master in Financial Transaction Services and is graduated with honours and awards in Business Administration – Finance, Audit and Accounting.


09.40 - 10.30

AML in the distribution context

Transparency in the investment chain: – know your distributor, know your client and know your beneficial owner. With the implementation of the 4th AML Directive, the coming into life of the Ultimate Beneficial Ownership Register and increased scrutiny from the CSSF, notably through the new “Manco” Circular, what do the authorities expect from asset managers and service providers? Who reports what to whom and how is the process being vetted?

  • Elisa Alonso Sanz

    Elisa Alonso Sanz Head of Control, Governance and Regulatory Compliance - Senior Vice President State Street

  • Marco Zwick

    Marco Zwick Director Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF)

11.00 - 11.50

Tomorrow's cross-border fund distribution in the EU

As part of the Capital Markets Union project, the European Commission has initiated ways to facilitate cross-border distribution in Europe. The proposals strike a trade-off between removing distribution barriers and adequate investor protection. How will these new rules modify European fund distribution?

11.50 - 12.20

Bad banks? The impact of reputation on marketing

Nation branding and image building: how does the overall reputation as a fund domicile contribute towards distribution efforts? How much does image influence decision-making?

14.30 - 15.30

Workshop I - geographical distribution hot spots: UK

14.30 - 15.30

Workshop II - geographical distribution hot spots: Latin America

14.30 - 15.30

Workshop III - geographical distribution hot spots: Asia