Registration & breakfast

08.15 - 08.45

Global Fund Dynamics – a live Breakfast session

  • Contextualising demand for cross border funds
  • Revealing active sweet spots in the march to passive investment
  • Pinpointing opportunity in the cross border mark
  • Stephanie Clarke

    Stephanie Clarke Senior Vice President Global Market Intelligence Broadridge Financial Solutions


Opening – Welcome and introduction


Introduction by the Chairman of the morning session


A conversation with our partner associations: NICSA (USA) and HKIFA (Hong Kong)

  • Sally Wong

    Sally Wong CEO Hong Kong Investment Funds Association (HKIFA)

  • Jim Fitzpatrick

    Jim Fitzpatrick President National Investment Company Service Association (NICSA)

Interviewed by:


Raising Capital in the United States in the Trump Era

The U.S. market remains the world’s largest, and its regulatory infrastructure remains surprisingly open to non-U.S. asset managers. This session will review how European asset managers can raise assets from US investors in the Trump Era through Europe based fund products as well as through retail 1940 Act parallel funds.

Keynote speaker


Spreading the investment funds gospel: Market and regulatory developments in key regions and jurisdictions

Regulatory reforms and internationalisation of markets offer new opportunities for fund distribution. An overview of what is in the pipeline in Asia, Brazil, Canada, South Africa and Australia



  • Wendy Phillis

    Wendy Phillis Managing Director, Governance & Regulatory Solutions, Europe and Asia-Pacific RBC Investor & Treasury Services

  • Stewart Aldcroft

    Stewart Aldcroft Chairman Cititrust Limited, Managing Director and Senior Advisor, Citi Markets & Securities Services

  • Carlos Andre

    Carlos Andre Managing Director, BB Asset Management & Senior Vice President ANBIMA


Coffee Break


Please show me your passport

Today, there are 3 existing fund recognition/passport schemes in the Asia Pacific region. Latin America is now gearing towards joining the fund passport band wagon as well. What can we learn from these “glocal” passport business cases?

  • A reality check and current state on the Asian passports
  • The ‘LATAM passport’ and state of play for the region’s fund industries
  • What are the main challenges when rethinking a region/country’s fund footprint


  • Peng-Wah Choy

    Peng-Wah Choy Managing Director Asia Markets FundRock Management Company S.A.


  • Stewart Aldcroft

    Stewart Aldcroft Chairman Cititrust Limited, Managing Director and Senior Advisor, Citi Markets & Securities Services

  • Yoshio Okubo

    Yoshio Okubo Vice Chairman Japan Investment Trust Association (JITA)

  • Cedric Tang

    Cedric Tang Executive Director, APAC & Australia Client Coverage MSCI


Can we wrap it up now? So - Where is global distribution really going…?

An open discussion with Richard Garland who tells it like it is, on the outlook for global distribution

Interviewed by:

  • Freddy Brausch

    Freddy Brausch Vice Chaiman National Affairs ALFI and Partner, Linklaters LLP


Day 2 morning Chairman’s wrap up and closing remarks


Lunch in the exhibition area kindly sponsored by BNP Paribas & Deloitte


Master Class - sponsored and presented by Citi

David versus Goliath – the battle for Asian distribution. Are the global giants dominant ?

A deep dive into the dynamics of Asian distribution. What’s the winning strategy for distribution in Asia? Is it performance? Is it the fund domicile? What’s selling and why? Who holds the best cards for future growth in Asia : Asian passported funds and UCITS?

Stewart Aldcroft, Cititrust Limited, Managing Director and
Senior Advisor, Citi Markets & Securities Services
Jervis Smith, Managing Director, Citibank Europe plc, Luxembourg Branch

  • Stewart Aldcroft

    Stewart Aldcroft Chairman Cititrust Limited, Managing Director and Senior Advisor, Citi Markets & Securities Services

  • Jervis Smith

    Jervis Smith Managing Director Citibank Europe plc, Luxembourg Branch

Short & Sharp stage sponsored and presented by State Street Bank Luxembourg S.C.A.

A New Climate for Growth. Cultivating Asset Intelligence to Thrive

A presentation of the key findings of the SSB research paper A New Climate for Growth. Cultivating Asset Intelligence to Thrive will followed by an open discussion on how emerging technologies create new opportunities in the area of distribution. In fact, one of the new model for growth is to expand distribution with mobile and robo.

The discussion will focus on how the industry players align technology with their ambition and the developments in FundTech and RegTech.


Opening and introduction by the Chairman of the afternoon session


Out of the box presentation - In Defence of Progress

The media is filled with doom and gloom, but Johan Norberg makes the case that we are in the midst of a global development revolution which is increasing living standards and technological opportunities faster than ever. It’s worth looking forward to – and investing in – the future. Norberg has a long and distinguished track record promoting the benefits of free markets. His 2016 book “Progress” has been described as “a blast of good sense” by The Economist.


Distribution Hall of Fame

2017 is the launch year of the annual Distribution Hall of Fame. In this yearly fund distribution community gathering, a series of awards will be presented, to recognise excellence in various aspects of distribution from ongoing client engagement through brand and sales & marketing support.

  • Diana Mackay

    Diana Mackay Managing Director, Global Distribution Solutions Broadridge Financial Solutions


A Fireside chat – Europe 2.0 and the rest of the world

The changing face of Europe and the world with Brexit, the rise of populism, an enduring low-interest environment, the threat of climate change, changing investor demand…What are the impacts of major geopolitical and macroeconomics trends on our daily business? Is the core role of asset management changing? Leading political and AM public policy figures tell their stories, discussing their views on the current and future state of Europe.

  • Joanna Cound

    Joanna Cound BlackRock Head of EMEA, Global Public Policy Group

  • Luc Frieden

    Luc Frieden Partner Elvinger Hoss Prussen & Former Luxembourg Minister of Finance

  • Paweł Świeboda

    Paweł Świeboda Deputy Head, European Political Strategy Centre European Commission

Interviewed by:

  • Michael Ferguson

    Michael Ferguson Vice Chairman International Affairs ALFI and Wealth and Asset Management Leader EY


Chairman's wrap up


Closing of the conference by Nathalie Reuter, Master of Ceremony

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