Richard Chambers, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Richard Chambers Richard I. Chambers, managing director, is the Chief Marketing Officer for Global Asset Management.  An employee since 1999, Richard is a member of the Asset Management Operating Committee and the Asset Management Client Operating Committee.   Previously, Richard was head of UK and European Marketing, until 2004 when he relocated to New York to become head of marketing for US Funds Management.  Richard was a member of the US Funds Management Operating Committee between 2004 and 2012 as the business rapidly expanded to become a leader in the US Mutual Fund industry. Richard is an experienced spokesperson on branding, digital marketing and product strategy and is regularly featured in the press.  Prior to joining the firm, Richard spent seven years at American Express in Europe, where he worked in various sales and relationship management roles across the firm, before becoming head of National Accounts for the restaurant industry.  His last role at American Express was as the head of marketing and new product development for the International Dollar Card.  Richard was named the Mutual Fund Industry's "Marketer of the Year" in 2008 by Institutional Investor's Fund Action Publication.

The bigger picture from the manufacturer, the seller and the buyer

An introduction by a leading global cross-border Asset Manager followed by a roundtable discussion between the manufacturer, the seller and the buyer

  • The case for global cross-border distribution: local investment needs and international diversification
  • ‘Put yourself in the Distributors’ shoes’: bringing producers to understand the distributors perspective
  • An outline of the European and the US perspectives

Roundtable discussion


Challenges and opportunities for the continued success story of EU funds

An international perspective on UCITS by ICI Global


Fintech for Distribution - exploring a challenging lansdcape for funds

Robo-advisers, exchange traded funds, direct to consumer models-the distribution landscape is changing. Just as the music and publishing industries were disrupted by a digital revolution, so is the funds business undergoing a technological shift, we all know that by now…but how far are we really in this shift?
Can we truly predict the ‘digital’ future of global fund distribution?

Setting the scene with Digital Disruption in Asset Management, learning from Skype’s approach, followed by a debate with leading distribution disrupters



Distribution perspective between the Giants and the Gems

Distribution perspective between the Giants and the Gems – Distribution is not a winner takes all game

  • Does scale matter? Does brand recognition matter?
  • Is it really easier cutting distribution deals if you are a giant of the industry? Are (smaller) boutiques getting a raw deal from distributors?
  • What difference does this make to the end investor simply seeking the best funds?


The Yang: Innovation in distribution

A roundtable discussion to assess the new frontiers of distribution with Distribution Innovators

  • Direct-to-consumer or stick with intermediaries – which way will asset managers swing?
  • Is regulation closing or opening distribution architecture?
  • Distribution digitalisation: will robo-advisers be the dominant distributors of the future?