Diana Mackay, Broadridge Financial Solutions

Diana Mackay Diana is a recognised expert on market dynamics and trends in the investment fund arena having initiated the first authoritative research on the European markets for investment funds in 1990. This research has included numerous pioneering data gathering projects designed to aid fund management groups develop their strategies for gathering assets not just in Europe’s diverse markets but on a global basis. Diana has been called as an expert witness to the European Parliament, was a member of the working group charged with defining the scope of Ucits IV, and has participated in numerous industry Think Tanks. She sits on the Strategic Board of ALFI.

Roundtable discussion


Challenges and opportunities for the continued success story of EU funds

An international perspective on UCITS by ICI Global


Fintech for Distribution - exploring a challenging lansdcape for funds

Robo-advisers, exchange traded funds, direct to consumer models-the distribution landscape is changing. Just as the music and publishing industries were disrupted by a digital revolution, so is the funds business undergoing a technological shift, we all know that by now…but how far are we really in this shift?
Can we truly predict the ‘digital’ future of global fund distribution?

Setting the scene with Digital Disruption in Asset Management, learning from Skype’s approach, followed by a debate with leading distribution disrupters



Distribution perspective between the Giants and the Gems

Distribution perspective between the Giants and the Gems – Distribution is not a winner takes all game

  • Does scale matter? Does brand recognition matter?
  • Is it really easier cutting distribution deals if you are a giant of the industry? Are (smaller) boutiques getting a raw deal from distributors?
  • What difference does this make to the end investor simply seeking the best funds?


The Yin: Prepare for the second age of distribution

The Chinese fire rooster crows in a cloudy new day in the world of fund distribution. Traditional business models are changing, pressure is building from passives, new competitors are entering the arena and the regulatory train shows little sign of slowing. But is this creating a landscape that favours only the giants and the gems? Are mid-tier groups doomed, ultimately, to merge or fail?

Diana Mackay takes a different view, examining recent distribution dynamics and fund selector opinion to identify the positioning strategies necessary to stay ahead of the competitor race in the next decade.

  • Diana Mackay

    Diana Mackay Managing Director, Global Distribution Solutions Broadridge Financial Solutions


The Yang: Innovation in distribution

A roundtable discussion to assess the new frontiers of distribution with Distribution Innovators

  • Direct-to-consumer or stick with intermediaries – which way will asset managers swing?
  • Is regulation closing or opening distribution architecture?
  • Distribution digitalisation: will robo-advisers be the dominant distributors of the future?


A conversation with our partner associations: NICSA (USA) and HKIFA (Hong Kong)


Spreading the investment funds gospel: Market and regulatory developments in key regions and jurisdictions

Regulatory reforms and internationalisation of markets offer new opportunities for fund distribution. An overview of what is in the pipeline in Asia, Brazil, Canada, South Africa and Australia


Please show me your passport

Today, there are 3 existing fund recognition/passport schemes in the Asia Pacific region. Latin America is now gearing towards joining the fund passport band wagon as well. What can we learn from these “glocal” passport business cases?

  • A reality check and current state on the Asian passports
  • The ‘LATAM passport’ and state of play for the region’s fund industries
  • What are the main challenges when rethinking a region/country’s fund footprint


Can we wrap it up now? So - Where is global distribution really going…?

An open discussion with Richard Garland who tells it like it is, on the outlook for global distribution


Distribution Hall of Fame

2017 is the launch year of the annual Distribution Hall of Fame. In this yearly fund distribution community gathering, a series of awards will be presented, to recognise excellence in various aspects of distribution from ongoing client engagement through brand and sales & marketing support.

  • Diana Mackay

    Diana Mackay Managing Director, Global Distribution Solutions Broadridge Financial Solutions


A Fireside chat – Europe 2.0 and the rest of the world

The changing face of Europe and the world with Brexit, the rise of populism, an enduring low-interest environment, the threat of climate change, changing investor demand…What are the impacts of major geopolitical and macroeconomics trends on our daily business? Is the core role of asset management changing? Leading political and AM public policy figures tell their stories, discussing their views on the current and future state of Europe.