Yoshio Okubo, Japan Investment Trust Association (JITA)

Yoshio Okubo Yoshio Okubo is Vice Chairman of the Japan Investment Trust Association (JITA), an organization for mutual fund and REIT companies in Japan. Prior to his appointment at JITA in June 2015, he worked for the Japan Securities Dealers Association (JSDA),serving as its Vice Chairman since 2011. Throughout his professional career, he mostly worked on financial, regulatory and international issues in financial services, including serving as Chairman of the WTO Committee on Trade in Financial Services in1997-1999. He worked for the Financial Services Agency (FSA) of Japan, covering international issues and capital markets policies. He also worked for the Ministry of Finance where he served as Deputy Vice-Minister for International Affairs.While at the JSDA, he served as Chairman of Self-Regulatory Organizations Consultative Committee (SROCC, currently AMCC) of IOSCO from 2009 to 2012. He worked for the World Bank Group, serving as its Executive Director for Japan from 2004 to 2006.

A conversation with our partner associations: NICSA (USA) and HKIFA (Hong Kong)


Spreading the investment funds gospel: Market and regulatory developments in key regions and jurisdictions

Regulatory reforms and internationalisation of markets offer new opportunities for fund distribution. An overview of what is in the pipeline in Asia, Brazil, Canada, South Africa and Australia


Please show me your passport

Today, there are 3 existing fund recognition/passport schemes in the Asia Pacific region. Latin America is now gearing towards joining the fund passport band wagon as well. What can we learn from these “glocal” passport business cases?

  • A reality check and current state on the Asian passports
  • The ‘LATAM passport’ and state of play for the region’s fund industries
  • What are the main challenges when rethinking a region/country’s fund footprint
  • Stewart Aldcroft

    Stewart Aldcroft Chairman Cititrust Limited, Managing Director and Senior Advisor, Citi Markets & Securities Services

  • Yoshio Okubo

    Yoshio Okubo Vice Chairman Japan Investment Trust Association (JITA)

  • Cedric Tang

    Cedric Tang Executive Director, APAC & Australia Client Coverage MSCI


Can we wrap it up now? So - Where is global distribution really going…?

An open discussion with Richard Garland who tells it like it is, on the outlook for global distribution


A Fireside chat – Europe 2.0 and the rest of the world

The changing face of Europe and the world with Brexit, the rise of populism, an enduring low-interest environment, the threat of climate change, changing investor demand…What are the impacts of major geopolitical and macroeconomics trends on our daily business? Is the core role of asset management changing? Leading political and AM public policy figures tell their stories, discussing their views on the current and future state of Europe.