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Opening, welcome and introduction

Special appearance by:

  • Jacques Santer

    Jacques Santer Luxembourg Minister of Finance 1979-1989 - Prime Minister of Luxembourg 1984-1995 - President of the European Commission 1995–1999

interviewed by:

09.25 - 09.30

Chairperson's introduction

09.30 - 10.30

Looking back at three decades of the UCITS global success story

UCITS are recognised worldwide as stable, well-regulated and high-quality investment products with significant levels of investor protection. Distributed in 70 countries around the world, they are considered a true European export hit.
Leading asset managers look at how the cross-border fund business took off 30 years ago on the back of the UCITS directive, at how it has developed and diversified since, and reflect on the importance of global funds for the economy.

Introduction keynote speech

Panel discussion



  • Ann Doherty

    Ann Doherty Managing Director, Global Senior Client Advisor, Platform Sales – Securities Services J.P. Morgan

10.30 - 10.55

Coffee break

10.55 - 11.40

Looking forward to enhanced cross-border fund distribution

One of the aims of the Capital Markets Union project is to foster growth by reinforcing the role of capital markets, investment funds and asset managers, in the financing of the European economy, too dependent on bank financing. In this context, the European Commission has made proposals to remove the remaining barriers to cross-border distribution of funds. How will these impact the distribution processes?
Will integration help the cross-border investment fund industry to seize the opportunity and contribute more effectively towards economic growth? If so, which are the products and who are the clients?

A debate between the Commission and the industry



  • Paulina Dejmek-Hack

    Paulina Dejmek-Hack Member of the Cabinet of the President, Financial Advisor European Commission

  • Erich Gerth

    Erich Gerth Partner and Chief Executive Officer Bluebay Asset Management

  • Adam Lessing

    Adam Lessing Head of Central & Eastern Europe Fidelity International

11.40 - 12.25

Delegation, "third countries", Brexit... Quo vadis, distribution of EU funds?

Delegation of certain asset management functions to a company’s headquarters, other group companies or specialist third-party asset managers, with the decision-making process and risk oversight remaining in the country from which delegation takes place, is a tried and tested practice in the European and international fund industry.
It is important to third-country asset managers of European funds and it benefits the end investor by providing access to local asset management expertise. Brexit, coupled with the “ESA Review” proposal, have put the delegation model at the core of heated discussions. How are these perceived outside the EU? What is the way forward?

A regulators debate



  • Christina Choi

    Christina Choi Executive Director, Investment Products Securities and Futures Commission (SFC)

  • Kian Navid

    Kian Navid Senior Policy Officer – Investment Management Investors and Issuers Department European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA)

  • Nick Miller

    Nick Miller Head of Asset Management, Supervision Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

  • Marco Zwick

    Marco Zwick Director Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF)

12.25 - 12.30

Chairperson's wrap-up and closing remarks

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Short & Sharp stage - kindly sponsored by:

PRIIPs issues 9 months after? You gotta be KIDding.


14.15 - 14.20

Chairperson's introduction

14.20 - 14.35

The map of hot and cold spots of global fund distribution

An overview of fund flows and market opportunities around the world

  • Barbara Wall

    Barbara Wall Director EMEA Insights Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.

14.35 - 15.15

Focus on Latin America

Key developments in the region, including recent amendments to pension fund regulations, offer new distribution opportunities for UCITS and alternative fund managers, as well as improved choice for local investors.

A deep dive into local trends and regulatory changes



  • Guillermo Arthur

    Guillermo Arthur President International Federation of Pension Fund Administrators (FIAP)

15.15 - 15.30

Leading in the Digital Age: Thoughts from a Consumer Banking Giant

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is one of the most profound periods of disruption in human history. In a world made mobile, consumer behavior is rapidly evolving and challengers are coming in all shapes and sizes from every corner of the world. No industry is immune and the digitization of banking, which is happening first, has profound implications for the investments industry.  How do industry leaders transform to meet client expectations and compete?  Stephen Bird, CEO of Citi’s Global Consumer Bank, will discuss how Citi is capturing digital’s transformative opportunity to deliver a more powerful client experience and drive client-led growth.

  • Stephen Bird

    Stephen Bird Chief Executive Officer, Global Consumer Banking Citi

15.30 - 16.00

Coffee break

16.00 - 16.40

Focus on Southeast Asia

The fund and asset management industries in Southeast Asia are growing significantly. The panel presents new opportunities in the region, including in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and the Pacific.


  • Riccardo Millich

    Riccardo Millich Director, Business Development Asia and Asia-Europe corridors HSBC Hong Kong


  • Vasin Vanichvoranun

    Vasin Vanichvoranun Chairman of Association of Investment Management Companies (AIMC) and Executive Chairman of Kasikorn Asset Management Co., Ltd.

16.40 - 17.05

A discussion with NICSA and HKIFA

ALFI talks to its Conference Partners, NICSA and HKIFA, about important developments in their respective markets, amongst others the progress of Asian passporting schemes or FinTech in the US.


  • Camille Thommes

    Camille Thommes Director General Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry (ALFI)


  • Sally Wong

    Sally Wong CEO Hong Kong Investment Funds Association (HKIFA)

17.05 - 17.15

Master of ceremony and chairperson’s wrap-up and closing remarks

17.15 - 17.35

Distribution Achievement Awards by Broadridge (formally MackayWilliams)

ALFI is proud to host and looking forward to the second edition of this unique yearly overview of distributor-centric trends, dynamics and strategies.

  • Diana Mackay

    Diana Mackay Managing Director, Global Distribution Solutions Broadridge Financial Solutions

17.35 - 19.00

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