The Yin and the Yang in fund distribution

Prepare for the second age of distribution…

The Chinese fire rooster crows in a cloudy new day in the world of fund distribution. Traditional business models are changing, pressure is building from passives, new competitors are entering the arena and the regulatory train shows little sign of slowing.

  • But is this creating a landscape that favors only the giants and the gems?
  • Are mid-tier groups doomed, ultimately, to merge or fail?
  • Direct-to-consumer or stick with intermediaries – which way will asset managers swing?
  • Is regulation closing or opening distribution architecture?
  • Distribution digitalisation: will robo-advisers be the dominant distributors of the future?

Whatever the answers to these questions are: Prepare for the second age of distribution, says Diana Mackay, Joint CEO at MackayWilliams.

Diana Mackay, a recognised expert on market dynamics and trends in the investment fund arena, takes a different view, examining recent distribution dynamics and fund selector opinion to identify the positioning strategies necessary to stay ahead of the competitor race in the next decade.

Don’t miss her presentation and panel discussion on Day 1, at 4pm, of ALFI’s 2017 Global Distribution Conference. View the full agenda.