Daniela Klasen-Martin, Credit Suisse Fund Management S.A.

Daniela Klasen-Martin Daniela Klasen-Martin has joined Credit Suisse on September 15, 2021 as a Managing Director to assume the role of Head of the Lux Manco and CEO of Credit Suisse Fund Management S.A. Mrs Klasen-Martin has almost 30 years of professional experience across multiple countries (Sweden, France, and Luxembourg) and industries, including 24 years in the financial services industry in Luxembourg. She holds a Master of Science in Business Administration and International Economics from Linköping University (Sweden). Mrs Klasen-Martin is active in the Luxembourg Fund Industry since 1997. Having hold senior positions within Finance and general management, she has an extensive knowledge in Funds, including non-financial assets, such as real estate and private equity, and is actively participating to industry associations such as ILA (Luxembourg Institute of Directors), and ALFI (Luxembourg Funds Association). She is frequently invited to speak at industry events.
09.35 - 10.15

Fintech solutions for AML

AML is a challenge for distributors of investment funds and fintech offers solutions to ensure compliance with applicable regulation, in particular client identification requirements.

  • What are the technologies that offer the most potential in this regard and how will they change the industry?
  • What are the existing obstacles to their implementation?

10.45 - 11.25

Distribution support: the plan and the reality

What improvements to the distribution processes are expected from recent regulatory and technological changes? How do they compare to the realities on the ground and how is the role of the asset manager evolving in this context?

  • MiFID II and PRIIPS: first stock-taking
  • Advice and/or robo-advice: is technology changing business models?
  • The digital evolution of fund distribution business


11.25 - 12.15

Does sustainability help you sell?

According to the EU Commission’s recent proposals, client’s sustainability preferences need to be taken into account when offering a product. Consequently, the matching product needs to be identified and available. How to go about this? Is a “green” or “social” product making things easier?

Panellists debate these (provocative) questions

14.00 - 14.10

Chairperson's introduction

14.30 - 15.30

Future products and the future of products

Technology, energy, bitcoins… the target investments of funds are more and more diversified. Asset managers are led towards funding not only the real economy, but also the needs of society as a whole. New generations of investors have new expectations.
But looking beyond asset classes, asset managers are reviewing other features of the products: the risk/reward balance, the active/passive management style, the pricing and fees, etc…
Altogether, how much innovation is going on … and required?