Keynote speech: Using new strategies to improve returns on globally distributed funds

Innovative digital marketing strategies are changing the way clients meet and interact with portfolio managers and investment teams. Investors and potential investors should know the people managing their money directly as the use of digital platforms and social media can disintermediate investor / client engagement. When these strategies are paired with an innovative investment approach that prioritizes outperformance rather than gathering AUM, client and manager incentives become more aligned than ever before.

Hear a keynote speech from Aperture Chairman and CEO, Peter Kraus, about how new marketing and distribution frameworks, which are unlike any others in the industry, are increasing transparency to create a new level of trust between clients and their portfolio managers, encouraging them to invest with more confidence. In addition, learn how rethinking the way products are charged and the way portfolio managers are compensated can result in a beneficial effect on the performance of funds over time.