Arnaud Marès, Citi

Arnaud Marès Arnaud Marès is Citi’s Chief European Economist. Prior to joining Citi in December 2017, he was Special Adviser to the President of the European Central Bank (ECB), Mario Draghi. Prior to returning to the ECB in 2012, Arnaud was an Economist and Managing Director at Morgan Stanley where he built a reputation for delivering thought leading research. Arnaud also spent an earlier part of his career at the ECB and he has held a number of other senior positions, including spending three years as the Head of Policy of the UK Debt Management Office.

CEO Panel

CEOs and Senior leadership executives from large asset managers, look into the future of Asset Management over the next decade, and identify the key themes influencing strategy.


Final Countdown... Is “Europe” ready to handle Financial Services post Brexit?

  • How will the UK industry evolve in this new third country environment?
  • Is equivalence the way forward?
  • Direction of travel at EU level (Commission consultation on AIFMD)
  • Topical and practical issues (delegation, marketing…)



  • we shall know the outcome of the US Presidential election
  • the UK/EU “no trade” deal will be more certain and just how “hard” Brexit will be
  • the global pandemic is still with us, perhaps a vaccine is imminent, but even so major economies remain in prolonged meltdown and government bale-outs continue
  • Sustainability gathers pace, especially around climate change, and even China has declared carbon neutral goals by 2060
    …and yet, stock markets continue to defy gravity and rise
    Arnaud Marès will explain what all this means through the eyes of an economist, and the strategic implications for global asset managers.


Let’s hear it from the Regulators

There is never a quiet moment for the Regulators. We hear what is on their current agenda, and how they are preparing for the next decade, in the context of where the industry they regulate may be heading.


Workshop 1: Evolution of the Custody model and how it transforms the Luxembourg service proposition

The traditional industrial scale custody & fund administration model is under increasing threat from new technology, evolving asset classes and demanding clients, with new, more agile entrants encroaching their territory. Hear the CEOs from four of the larger players on how their global strategy and proposition is adapting in response to these new competitors, and how this transforms the service proposition for clients with Luxembourg domiciled investment needs.


Workshop 2: Product evolution

The session will focus on interesting innovation in product design on the liquid side. What is the Luxembourg industry doing to foster product evolution and make best and innovative use of the toolbox in terms of products and structures it is given?


Workshop 3: Sustainable finance

Hear from our three distinguished expert speakers – impact activist, impact investor and EIB expert – who will share their insights and experiences as practitioners. The shift towards more sustainability is the most important and biggest change in recent years with far-reaching strategic consequences for the asset management industry globally.


Workshop 4: Private Assets

Real Assets is booming! An unprecedent growing demand for alternative asset classes delivering yield has fueled the launch of new products and schemes in the Real Assets space. As a result, innovation in terms of products is at full speed responding to the hunger for diversification but also the need for integrated ESG or active impact. So where are Real Assets heading?