Helen Thompson, Cambridge University

Helen Thompson Helen Thompson is Professor of Political Economy in the Department of Politics and International Studies at Cambridge University. She has a fortnightly wide-ranging column—These Times—at the New Statesman and was a regular contributor to the podcast Talking Politics. Her last book was Oil and the Western Economic Crisis. She has written for, among other publications, The New York Times, London Review of Books, Financial Times, Foreign Affairs, The Guardian, UnHerd, and Prospect on Brexit, the European Union, the economics of the pandemic, energy and climate politics, and the geopolitics of China’s rise. She was included in Prospect’s ‘The world’s top 50 thinkers 2021.’

Let’s hear it from the Regulators


CEO panel


End of the second belle époque

A discussion about investment and product strategy in the face of war, pandemic, food and energy insecurity, inflation, changed monetary policy, and great uncertainty


Keynote address: living in hard times in the 21st century

Helen Thompson, Professor of Political Economy at Cambridge University, has researched the political economy of energy as a contributor to the history of democratic, economic and geopolitical disruptions in the twenty-first century. Helen will present her insights and show why energy politics means the twenty-first century is turning out to be at least as challenging as the twentieth.

  • Helen Thompson

    Helen Thompson Professor of Political Economy, Department of Politics and International Studies Cambridge University


Deep-dive 1: Brexit – how are managers adapting

The discussion will revolve around managing and distributing funds in Europe, tackling regulatory requirements and other routes in a Post-Brexit world.

The panel will touch upon the following topics:

•How can sales teams continue to operate from the UK?
•What are the impact of the new EU pre-marketing rules on UK managers?
•Can management teams continue to rely on delegation rules?
•Collaborating with third parties or setting-up on-shore: what are my structuring options?
•Distribution in the UK: what happens during and after the transition period?

Christian Hertz will lead the conversation joined by leading industry experts focusing on emerging strategies and the future of fund distribution.


Deep-dive 3: democratisation of private assets - what opportunities await the market?

The path to the democratisation of private assets is trying to bring together different types of asset managers, willing to access new sources of financing. The current geopolitical situation is driving new trends – and this session will explore the new private asset products that will meet those demands and how to successfully market these products to investors.