14.15 - 15.30

Capital raising and performance trends

  • Henri Vuong

    Henri Vuong Director of Research and Market Information INREV

Session I - Does Luxembourg work from a Product Design perspective?

  • Overview of Luxembourg vehicles and ability of Lux toolkit to have a large reach
  • The trends around Open and closed ended funds
  • RAIF vs SIF vs simple AIF



Session II - Does Luxembourg work from an Operations perspective?

  • AIFM (own vs 3rd party models in practice)
  • Substance/headcount /Valuation/ Feedback from regulator visits
  • Efficiencies in administration and technology



  • Enda Fahy

    Enda Fahy Director FundRock Management Company S.A.

Session III - Does Luxembourg work from a Marketing/distribution perspective?

  • Overview of common distribution models
  • Capital raising trends and marketing strategies post Brexit
  • Different solutions and impact into marketing/distribution strategy


  • Sarbjit Panesar

    Sarbjit Panesar Head of Business Development, Asset Managers Societe Generale Securities Services