Bert Boerman,

Bert Boerman Bert Boerman is the CEO and Co-founder of, the platform that helps regulated businesses achieve good data governance. includes the technology ( and the expert services ( required to ensure a solid and efficient internal process. As a former banker with 15 years of experience he has dealt with regulatory oversight for many years. Frustrated with the lack of innovation in regulatory compliance, Bert teamed up with his twin brother Rob in 2011 and built Governance with a team of business and IT experts. In 2016 was awarded as the FinTech Startup of the year in Luxembourg. Since then, the company was included in the FinTech50 Hot ten list, the Global RegTech100, the European Fintech100 and many other publications.
16.15 - 17.00

What is different about the Luxembourg corporate governance environment?

  • Impact of regulatory framework
  • International and local context
  • ILA coordination and education

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Current Issues

  • RAIFs
  • Cybersecurity
  • RegTech
  • Director education and development