José María Ortiz, ECE Real Estate Partners

José María Ortiz

José María Ortiz, Managing Director, Chief Financial Officer and Conducting Officer Portfolio Management – Prior to joining ECE Real Estate Partners in December 2010, from April 2006 to December 2010, José was Group Financial Controller at Hines in Luxembourg, where he was responsible for the co-ordination of the legal and tax structuring process of open-ended and closed-ended fund structures, co-ordination of acquisitions and disposals, finance and cash management, financial reporting, fee structuring, annual budget review and approval. In addition, during José’s time at Hines, he held directorship functions for Luxembourg private limited liability companies. Prior to joining Hines in April 2006, José worked from July 1999 to April 2006 at Arthur Andersen-Ernst & Young in Madrid and subsequently in Luxembourg and became a Manager in 2004. Whilst at Arthur Andersen-Ernst & Young, José’s tasks included auditing Luxembourg closed-ended investment funds investing in the European Union in development and operating projects ensuring compliance with IFRS and US GAAP and advising on the set up of different Luxembourg fund structures (FCP, SICAV, SICAR and SICAF). Prior to Arthur Andersen-Ernst & Young, José worked for the Spanish Foreign Affairs Ministry (Casa de América) in Madrid from September 1996 to May 1999, where he was a financial analyst. José obtained a degree in Economics and a PhD in Monetary Markets from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 1994. Additionally, José obtained the diploma Expert Comptable from the Ordre des Experts Comptables, Luxembourg in 2005. José is fluent in Spanish, French and English and has a very good working knowledge in German and Italian.


10.00 - 10.45

CEO panel discussion – “Walking the talk”; Moving from “re-imagination” to the “reality” of transforming the asset management industry

How should asset management respond to a world of disruptions by technology and politics? Our panellists have shared a number of talking points in advance of their discussion:

  • Value for money is being questioned as never before
  • Customers’ willingness to buy products through digital channels is increasing
  • Investors are more and more focused on the non-financial returns
  • The asset management industry`s stewardship over investment decisions is continually being challenged
  • In addition, there is significant pressure on fee and margin levels

11.20 - 12.05

Luxembourg: anticipating change, shaping our future and aiming for tomorrow

Luxembourg has a proud history of anticipating the evolving needs of the asset management industry it services. Entering with optimism a new era of “re-imagining” asset management and innovation benefiting investors, can it continue that tradition, and can we define what that future might look like? How is Luxembourg evolving as it welcomes new ideas and entrants, anticipates the future and re-imagines its role as the world’s second largest fund domicile?

12.05 - 12.40

"Disruption scenarios" ... "structural shifts" ... "shaping our future" ... How does this impact the regulator?

As the industry experiences disruption and transformation, how are regulators evolving? Are they experiencing the same disruption? What industry landscape are they planning and preparing for over the next five years?

14.30 - 15.45

Target operating model for your management company

18/698: what’s all the fuss about?
Target operating model: what does “substance” really mean?
How ManCos are evolving to remain efficient and compliant
In-house or 3PMC?
Governance: best practice through board composition?

14.30 - 15.45

Private equity: new tax and structuring developments

in association with

Are we moving to a US structuring environment?
How to succeed with fundraising
How to master AIFMD operational complexity
What’s new in governance strategies?
How will you being doing deals in 2020?

14.30 - 15.45

Real estate: hot investment areas and set-ups

How to manage regulatory substance
Are you prepared for the new fiscal environment?
What are the opportunities and challenges in outsourcing?
How to use the Luxembourg product suite
How to navigate the talent market

  • Keith O'Donnell

    Keith O'Donnell Managing Partner - International & Corporate Tax ATOZ Tax Advisers

14. 30 - 15.45

The Luxembourg sustainable finance toolkit

How to set up a sustainable fund using the Luxembourg toolbox?
Why Luxembourg set up a support programme for climate finance?
Why is impact measurement so important?
Sustainability reporting and disclosures – a brain teaser?
What’s new around fund labels?