Kai Braun, PwC

Kai Braun Kai is Partner in the FS Consulting team of PwC Luxembourg. His main areas of expertise are: • Strategy and governance consulting for the alternative investment sector; • Operational and Technology advisory for private equity, real estate, infrastructure and private debt; • Regulatory compliance. Kai has more than 15 years of experience in the alternative investment sector, both as a consultant as well as in the industry, where he was working as head of operations of a leading German service provider to the private equity and real estate industry.

A macro-economic market perspective on opportunistic strategies

Looking at the impact of Covid-19, Brexit and other market impacts


Implications of the current environment on operations

Impact of valuations and governance on operations

  • What are the borrowers’ and investors’ needs that asset managers of private debt funds are facing?
  • Covid-19: challenges and opportunities in private debt with a focus on Southern Europe
  • Structuring considerations: how does the ELTIF broaden the investor base reach in capital raising efforts?


Testimonies around operational resilience

What are the current transformation initiatives of key market players taking into account some lessons learned from confinement


Why Luxembourg?

Luxembourg as a fund hub: hear from an asset manager with a Luxembourg product line spanning UCITS, funds of funds and private equity funds as they share their thoughts on Luxembourg management companies, service providers and their plans for the future


Spotlight II: The age of analytics and illiquid assets

How to access and manage data? How to interpret and make data meaningful? The move towards data consolidation and concentration.

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