Kees Hage, PwC

Kees Hage Kees is an experienced Partner at PwC serving International Real Estate players, advising on strategic issues & business trends, and leading our Real Estate Digital propositions in Luxembourg. He is advising clients on building innovation and digitalisation in their operating platforms, including a focus on Data & Reporting and Operational Cost & Efficiency. Kees was the Global Real Estate leader at PwC from 2008 through 2016 and this has given him the opportunity to interact with real estate players around the world, exploring their challenges and opportunities in this fast growing and changing environment.


09.40 - 10.30

Finding a safe haven for Real Estate Funds

A deep dive perspective of 3-4 case studies from different types of RE asset managers on stage, showcasing their solutions to seizing market opportunities, RE type strategies, through innovative structuring of their respective fund.

11.00 - 11.20

Pillars to Ensure Open End Fund Liquidity

Presentation and discussion on the most recent INREV paper which concentrates on the creation of liquidity in open end fund structures, by describing best case scenarios where investors and fund managers can go on to further successful investments in follow-on or new funds.

The report compares behaviours in a number of different European countries and identifies five pillars upon which a liquid open-end fund should be built. This clear framework sets out investor rights together with manager responsibilities and aims to create realistic expectations for open-end fund investments and to avoid conflict between the parties involved.

This study has been updated in 2016 to reflect latest guidance for exceptional circumstances such as Brexit. Local best practices section has been also extended with highlights from Switzerland and France.

Presentation of the INREV Open Ended funds Survey followed by an interview with the INREV WG Chairman

11.20 - 12.05

Building innovation and digitalisation in RE operating platforms

Setting the scene with an overview of the digital opportunities in the RE world, a panel discussion with leading RE players will explore the digital opportunities in RE operating models, focusing on the current digital priorities for real estate, the challenges and opportunities and what this means for investment decisions and business models.

  • Kees Hage

    Kees Hage Partner, Luxembourg Digital Real Estate Leader PwC

13.15 - 13.45

Short & Sharp Stage kindly sponsored by PwC

Fit for the Future

  • Ilse French

    Ilse French Partner, Global Real Estate Digital leader, Real Estate Advisory Practice Leader PwC

  • Kees Hage

    Kees Hage Partner, Luxembourg Digital Real Estate Leader PwC

14.00 - 14.30

A regulator’s perspective on current regulatory hot topics and the potential game changer for the Real Estate

14.30 - 15.30

Real Estate Debt

Starting with an overview of the current state of the Real Estate Debt realm followed by a roundtable discussion

14.30 - 15.30

Risk Management in the RE world

  • RM Governance and substance requirements in times of CSSF on-side inspections and increasing European pressure
  • Deeper dive: Risk Management and Risk Measurement, adequate Board reporting; increasing demands for RE Risk professionals
  • Future Outlook – challenges & chances

15.30 - 16.30

Platform design and innovation – A drive for operational Efficiency