Felix Haldner, Partners Group

Felix Haldner

Felix Haldner is responsible for strategic client development in Europe and public affairs, based in Zug. Felix also sits on the boards of a number of Partners Group affiliated companies as an operating director. Previously, he served as Head of the Investment Structures business department and was a member of the Global Executive Board. He has been with Partners Group since 2001 and has more than 30 years of industry experience. Prior to joining the firm, he was a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers where he advised clients from the insurance, asset management and private equity industries.

09.20 - 09.35

Keynote: Value creation in private equity

Why does private equity outperform public markets?
The role of entrepreneurial governance
Value creation in practice

09.35 - 10.20

Luxembourg as a PE hub: why the trend is accelerating

The PE fund business relies on administration and operations teams that can react fast. As strong growth figures testify, Luxembourg’s reputation as a reliable hub from which to serve the European alternative fund market has gone global. Many local expert practitioners and service providers work together seamlessly to ensure the best outcome for deals in any market. Panellists discuss what is needed to continue and even grow the trend.

10.50 - 11.35

Embrace technology, maximise efficiency

Cloud-based solutions, machine learning, blockchain, etc. – how necessary, difficult, beneficial is it really to embark upon the technology (r)evolution?

11.35 - 11.55

Secondaries: the wind of change?

Interview: Shift from a niche market to a functional and active market place with sophisticated players.

14.10 - 14.50

Private debt – opportunities and challenges

Negative yields force investors to plunge into riskier debt. Technologies are shaking the traditional way of doing business. What is the investment climate for private debt in the key European markets? How will the industry face the next downturn when it finally arrives? EU regulations are still to be tested in a downturn.

14.50 - 15.25

Tax aspects of PE – a lifelong learning experience

ATAD, BEPS Action point 6 (substance) and DAC Mandatory Disclosure Rules- how to deal with the new EU rules in practice. What are the impacts on PE fund structuring?

16.15 - 16.55

PE for the greater Good

Private equity investors aim at creating thriving businesses. They are no strangers to long-term strategies, which makes ESG aspects and active ownership crucial elements of their investments decisions. What about the financial rewards? Are PE and ESG really a match made in heaven?