Nancy Saich, European Investment Bank

Nancy Saich Nancy Saich is a chartered civil engineer who specialised early in her career in transport projects and more specifically in ports and coastal work. 25 years ago, she became involved in the discussions in the maritime engineering industry on the challenges of incorporating climate change impacts into the design guidance for maritime projects. This was the beginning of her close interest in climate change. After 13 years of work as a consulting engineer, she joined the European Investment Bank in 1998. Nancy is one of the longest standing members of the Bank’s Environmental Assessment Group, providing the Bank’s Project Teams with due diligence support on environmental and climate matters on a wide range of projects funded by the Bank. She is also a founder member of the Bank’s Inter-Directorate Climate Working Group. Following her move to the Bank’s Environment, Climate and Social Office in 2011, Nancy has a specific role as EIB’s Senior Adviser on Climate and Environment, and is responsible for leading the work on Climate Finance definitions and impact reporting, including the Carbon Footprint of the Bank’s Project portfolio and impact reporting for the Bank’s Green Bonds – the EIB’s Climate Awareness Bonds. She also works closely with other Finance Institutions on impact reporting harmonisation.

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