David Aaronovitch,

David Aaronovitch David Aaronovitch is a Londoner, born into a Communist family. He was educated at Oxford and Manchester Universities. He was elected President of the National Union of Students the United Kingdom in 1980. In 1982 he entered the world of TV journalism with the ITV programme Weekend World. In 1988 he started up the BBCTV politics programme On The Record. In 1994 he left the BBC and became chief leader writer and then columnist at the Independent, followed by a stint at the Guardian and the Observer, then at The Times where he has worked for 13 years. He has written three books, including one (Voodoo Histories) on conspiracy theories and Party Animals, on growing up Red. For five years, until this autumn, he was chair of the free expression advocacy organisation, Index on Censorship. For over two years he has been the presenter of BBC Radio 4's weekly analysis programme The Briefing Room. He has won several awards, though he doesn't like awards much, appeared on many, many TV and radio programmes, from Question Time to Sex Around the World. He writes regularly for the Jewish Chronicle.



Venturing Forth: Artificial intelligence, Alternative Risk Premia

The panel will cover the potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning and how hedge funds can best harness this technology; how managers can identify the drivers fuelling demand for risk premia strategies, the challenges (such as factor timing and crowding) and the opportunities


Keeping sane in the age of populism

Planning for the future in a period of geopolitical volatility and uncertainty.
From Saudi Arabia to Brazil ‘strong leaders’ with nationalist agendas are setting the agenda.
Will they succeed and what cost?