Real Estate workshop

Capital raising & performance trends in Real Estate assets

One of the six afternoon parallel workshops at the ALFI London Conference will focus on Real Estate funds. Henri Vuong, director of research and market information at INREV will set the scene introducing capital raising and performance trends for this asset class. Further on, invited speakers will look at Luxembourg’s work from different perspectives:

A product design perspective
• Overview of Luxembourg vehicles and their ability to have a large reach
• The trends around open and closed ended funds
• RAIF vs SIF vs simple AIF

An operations perspective
• AIFM: own vs 3rd party models in practice
• Substance/headcount /valuation/ feedback from regulator visits
• Efficiencies in administration and technology

A marketing/distribution perspective
• Overview of common distribution models
• Capital raising trends and marketing strategies post Brexit
• Different solutions and impact into marketing/distribution strategy